Kanetix Is First To Help Consumers Compare Insurance Quotes With Google Home

In a Canadian first, customers looking to compare insurance quotes or mortgage rates from Kanetix.ca, InsuranceHotline.com or RateSupermarket.ca, can simply ask Google Home

Toronto, ON (June 28, 2017) – Now that Google Home is available in Canada, Kanetix Ltd. is making it even easier for consumers to compare insurance quotes and mortgage rates. All that’s needed now to find the best rates is to ask Google Home questions like:

  • “Ask InsuranceHotline for a quote for my 2007 Honda Civic.”
  • “Ask RateSupermarket for the lowest Ontario mortgage rate available.”

Plus, beginning July 4, 2017 Google Home users will also be able to get auto insurance quotes from Kanetix.ca.

Innovating the InsurTech landscape

Smart speakers are one of the most trending technologies in North America, and Kanetix Ltd. is the first to use this voice-activated technology for insurance quotes and mortgage rates in Canada. This innovative new approach to helping Canadians find the personal finance products they need, can be accessed on any android phone or iOS 9.0+ with Google Assistant or any Google Home device.

“In the constantly evolving digital space, it is imperative to stay current with new technology and use it to enhance customer experience.” explains Andrew Lo, President and COO of Kanetix Ltd.

Watch as Mr. Lo demonstrates how the AI-powered technology – Google Home in this case – makes the customer experience infinitely faster and easier:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUCe1Jv5kac (This video is no longer available.)

About Kanetix Ltd.

Kanetix Ltd. is Canada’s largest digital customer acquisition platform for insurance and financial services. With over 8 million shoppers visiting their five consumer-facing brands yearly, Kanetix Ltd. works directly with the country’s top insurers, financial institutions and brokers. Kanetix Ltd.’s mission is to help every Canadian make better money decisions.

SOURCE: Kanetix Ltd.

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