Kanetix helps homeowners secure and protect their ownership with FCT’s Title Fraud Protection

Real-Time Title Insurance Quotes Featured Online through Kanetix.ca Are Now Available in British Columbia and Alberta.

Toronto, ON (Sept. 16, 2013) – Title Fraud Protection+ quotes from FCT, the leading provider of Title Insurance in Canada, are now available through a new online service at Kanetix.ca – the first and only consumer site to do so.

Through Kanetix.ca, current homeowners in British Columbia and Alberta can obtain accurate real-time quotes online for their title insurance needs.

“Consumers are increasingly looking to Kanetix to help fulfill their insurance needs, and are looking to us to offer them a wide range of insurance products. Kanetix is now truly their one-stop shop with the addition of Title Insurance,”says Janine White, vice president of marketplaces at Kanetix.

Since Kanetix is able to provide real-time FCT quotes for Title Fraud Protection+, consumers can easily get the protection they need from the variety of headaches that can be associated with home ownership:

  • Real estate title fraud (where fraudsters can illegally obtain the right to the title of a property);
  • Municipal issues (like improvements or additions by previous owners done without the proper permits);
  • Encroachment issues (like sheds and garages built by previous owners on neighbouring properties).

FCT’s Title Fraud Protection+ is unique from other types of insurance as homeowners only need to pay a one-time premium for coverage that protects them for as long as they own the property. It also protects homeowners from the past mistakes of others who have owned the same property.

Homeowners, who want to take advantage of the many benefits of Title Fraud Protection+ and protect their property, can go to Kanetix.ca to obtain FCT quotes.

About FCT

FCT is Canada’s leading provider of Title Insurance, and other related products and services for residential and commercial real estate transactions. Founded in 1991 and based in Oakville, Ontario, FCT employs approximately 1,000 people from coast to coast. Its customers include more than 15,000 lawyers and notaries nationwide, every major Canadian chartered bank, credit unions, other lending institutions, real estate agents,mortgage brokers and builders. FCT is the registered business name of FCT Insurance Company Ltd. and of the Canadian branch of First American Title Insurance Company. For more information about FCT, please visit www.fct.ca.

About Kanetix

Launched in October 1999, Kanetix was Canada’s first online insurance marketplace and today provides over a million quotes per year to consumers looking for insurance, as well as comparisons for mortgage rates and credit cards.

The Kanetix comparison service is a one-stop shopping environment for consumers. Each day, thousands visit the Kanetix website at www.kanetix.ca to comparison shop their various financial needs. Shoppers choose what they want to compare, obtain a quotation and complete an online application or, with the help of Kanetix connect with the provider to purchase or apply for the product over the phone.

Through its Software as a Service team, Kanetix is also the leading provider of online insurance quotation technology, developing online quotation systems, mobile solutions, actuarial tools and websites for many of Canada’s largest insurance brands.

SOURCE: Kanetix