Europ Assistance Canada introduces Medical Concierge Program

New program designed to help Canadians manage their healthcare and wellness

TORONTO, Sept. 18, 2012 – Europ Assistance Canada (EA Canada) has introduced the EA Medical Concierge Program, a health management and assistance program that is focused on giving Canadians better control over their healthcare. The new Medical Concierge Program’s services include helping Canadians navigate the complexities of the healthcare system, exploring all avenues of treatment options, and access to a wide variety of other health and wellness related resources.

“Our Medical Concierge Program is designed to maximize Canadians’ healthcare options,” says Brad Loder, Director of Marketing for EA Canada. “We work closely with our members, providing the resources they need when it comes to their healthcare, from prevention through to treatment.”

EA Canada’s program is robust and flexible and members can personalize the services to their specific needs. EA Canada expects the most popular service, which is also the foundation of the Medical Concierge program, will be the Healthcare System Navigation Service.

Healthcare System Navigation

“The Canadian healthcare system is one of the best in the world, however, working your way through it can be challenging and time consuming. Our case managers navigate the system for you, finding all the treatment options and services available right across Canada, and for those who wish to do so, in the U.S. as well,” says Loder.

Healthcare System Navigation will help find the right specialist and surgeons, diagnostic services, and other specialised health services such as sports injury clinics. More importantly, it will also look after the paper work.

“Transfer of medical records, assistance with travel coordination, booking appointments, even arranging for reduced fees and discounts for those seeking treatment in the US are all part of this service,” added Loder.

Remote Second Opinions

Getting a second opinion is one way to ensure the accuracy of a diagnosis and confirmation of the best avenue of treatment. Remote Second Opinions, provided through EA Canada’s partner WorldCare™, places members’ medical files in front of experts at some of the leading medical centres in North America for review

“An independent actuarial study of 200 cases found that a WorldCare™ second opinion changed the diagnosis in 15% of cases and modified the treatment plan in 71% of cases,” says Loder.

Medicals, Wellness Portals and other services

EA Canada’s Medical Concierge services also include: Medical Consultation Boards, a service to help members better understand diagnosis and test results; access to Discounted Executive Medicals at leading healthcare facilities; and a Worldwide Healthcare Information Line that finds the best healthcare facilities and providers anywhere in the world.

Mayo Clinic EmbodyHealth Portal

For wellness and prevention, EA Canada’s Medical Concierge program offers members access to the Mayo Clinic’s EmbodyHealth Portal, a comprehensive web-based health management tool focused on health maintenance and disease prevention. This site offers access to some of the latest ideas in health and wellness from a network of best-in-class experts.

EA Canada’s Medical Concierge program is available directly to individuals, and is also being offered as an option for corporate benefit packages and as a member service for groups and professional organizations.

“Medical Concierge is a great option for Canadians who want a healthcare partner that will both help with their wellness and preventative health programs and, in time of need, allows them to focus on getting better while someone else concentrates on the paperwork,” concluded Loder.

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