Going away for March break?

Valuable advice from Economical Insurance before you go

WATERLOO, ON, March 6, 2012 � If you are going to be away from home during March break, Economical Insurance® offers some important tips to protect your property so that you have a worry-free vacation.

  • Shut off the water to the home at the main valve. This will reduce the risk of water damage from a sudden leak in a pipe, a malfunctioning toilet, dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Shutting off the main water valve will also ensure that if your furnace fails and the temperature in your home drops, your pipes will not burst and continue to leak causing more significant damage.
  • Arrange for someone you trust to visit your home at least every four days. Water claims due to freezing during the normal heating season can be subject to a four-day clause requiring visitation by someone to ensure there are no issues.
  • Keep the power on so that your refrigerator and freezer continue to function.
  • Use timers when away to turn lights on and off to give the impression that someone is home.
  • Inform your immediate neighbours that you will be away so that someone is keeping an eye on your property.
  • Store valuables such as jewellery and other fine articles in a safety deposit box or with someone you trust you’re while away.
  • Do not post your absence on Facebook or other social media sites to reduce risk of break-ins.
  • Ensure that your windows and doors are locked to reduce the risk of burglary. This also reduces risk of damage to your home from sudden severe weather that may occur while you’re away.
  • Ensure that your garage doors are locked.
  • If you’ve got a security alarm, set it before you go.

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