Save a Buck campaign targets motorists: SGI

June 2, 2010 – The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF), with support from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC), is launching its 14th annual public safety awareness campaign to alert motorists to be on the lookout for wildlife on the roads.

“As more people travel for summer holidays, motorists need to be more cautious of animals crossing the highways,” says SWF Executive Director Darrell Crabbe. “We see an increase in wildlife collisions in June and July.”

The campaign, called Slow Down and Save a Buck, uses highway billboards, radio and television public service announcements, and a traveling bus board and trailer wrap to promote this highly worthwhile cause.

According to Saskatchewan Government Insurance, in 2009 there were over 6,500 collisions involving wildlife which resulted in 331 human injuries and six fatalities. On average, there are more than 10,000 claims for collisions with deer each year, which cost SGI almost $33 million annually. Even more importantly, the collisions result in hundreds of human injuries each year, and sometimes death. In most cases, the wildlife struck by vehicles are killed as well.

Motorists are also asked to look out for moose and elk while driving as there has been an increase in collisions involving these larger animals over the last few years.

About SGI

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is the province’s self-sustaining auto insurance fund. SGI operates 21 claims centres and five salvage centres across Saskatchewan with a head office in Regina. SGI also works with a network of more 400 motor licence issuers across the province.