AXA Assistance launches Vengo: the first tailor-made Roadside Assistance program in Canada

MONTREAL, Nov. 27, 2007 – AXA Assistance Canada has launched its Roadside Assistance program “Vengo,” providing drivers with a new option.

AXA Assistance Canada, currently providing Roadside Assistance to over 200,000 vehicles across Canada, has created the first tailor-made Roadside Assistance program that allows customers experiencing roadside difficulties to obtain 24/7 towing services, battery boost, gas delivery, vehicle unlock, flat tire change, and pull-out winch.

Vengo allows the customer to choose the number of annual roadside services, allocated towing distance (ranging from closest garage to 250 km), as well as geographical coverage (including provincial, country-wide, and continental). The customer can also choose the option of covering only the vehicle (no matter who is driving), or the person (no matter what vehicle is being driven).

According to Vengo Project Manager Sylvain Gaullier, “This product is the first Roadside Assistance Program that adapts to any customer, allowing them to choose and pay for only the services they need. Vengo is also an attractive product because subscriptions start at $44.95 per year.”

The website allows customers to purchase and customize their tailor-made subscription in a simple and secure environment, as well as allows customers to request assistance services online.

Vengo also includes Legal Assistance services, providing customers with legal information, as well as a service named Vengo Privileges, helping customers locate restaurants or send flowers across the world.

About AXA Assistance:
AXA Assistance Canada, part of the AXA Assistance group is based in Montreal since 1999. Currently they offer roadside, medical, and legal assistance services across the country. In addition, AXA Assistance Canada also put in place a telemarketing department offering services in sales, surveys and lead generation. A division of AXA, AXA ASSISTANCE, whose head office is located in Paris, has 32 offices across the world and has become one of the world leaders in assistance in its four main areas of activity: roadside, travel, medical, and personal assistance services.