Boomerang Successfully Recovers First Stolen Vehicle Equipped With Its New Espion Device

Revolutionary product combines multiple layers of protection to stay one step ahead of thieves

Boomerang Tracking Inc., Canada’s leader in stolen vehicle tracking and recovery, today announced the recovery of its first stolen vehicle equipped with the Company’s new multi-layered, multi-unit tracking system, Boomerang Espion. The recovery took place on September 4, 2006.

Boomerang Espion is a revolutionary tracking system that combines theft prevention and vehicle recovery. The device includes a visual theft deterrent along with enhanced Boomerang tracking technology. As a visual deterrent to ward off the amateur thief, Boomerang Espion utilizes holographic stickers displaying the Boomerang logo. To thwart the professional thief, Boomerang Espion compliments its tracking technology with a series of miniature, randomly hidden and autonomous wireless beacons that can be tracked to recover the vehicle. The beacons are virtually impossible to locate.

The Recovery

An ambitious thief took advantage of the Labor Day holiday to steal a truck and trailer from a Boomerang Espion client in Montreal, which was reported stolen on the morning of Monday, September 4. Trackers were dispatched minutes later and recovered the client’s truck and trailer in Ulverton, Quebec, 140km east of Montreal in Quebec’s eastern townships.

In addition to the stolen truck, trackers found two other stolen vehicles on the scene that had been stolen from a neighboring business that same morning; a Ford E250 and Dodge RAM 1500. The total recovery was worth an estimated $140,000.

“We are very proud to mark this first recovery using the new Espion device, a truly revolutionary development in vehicle tracking. This recovery demonstrates the effectiveness of the new product line and Boomerang Tracking’s continued leadership in stolen asset recovery,” stated Craig Armstrong, Boomerang Tracking’s General Manager.

About Boomerang Tracking

In business since 1995, Boomerang Tracking specializes in tracking stolen assets. The company offers a seamless solution to the ever-growing concern of protecting and recovering stolen vehicles, heavy equipment, marine equipment and other valuable property. Boomerang’s proprietary tracking technology uses existing wireless telecommunications networks, a non-restrictive technology providing scope and accuracy superior to any other asset-tracking system.

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