LOMA Level One Courses Now Available Online

ATLANTA – February 6, 2006 – With the recent release of a university-level online course in the Principles of Insurance, LOMA, the leading association for insurance and financial services now offers online versions of both courses required for its Level One certificate in the fundamentals of insurance. LOMA 280 – Principles of Insurance: Life, Health, and Annuities joins LOMA 290 – Insurance Company Operations on the LOMALearn e-learning platform. Companies who have employees pursuing the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) Program can realize the convenience and cost-saving advantages of e-learning by enrolling employees in the new courses.

LOMA’s FLMI Program has been the global industry standard of professionalism for more than 70 years, providing a comprehensive business education in the context of insurance and financial services. Leading financial services companies worldwide have integrated LOMA courses into their corporate training and development initiatives. More than 81,000 individuals have earned the FLMI designation worldwide, and almost one-half million individuals hold the Level One FLMI Certificate.

Level One of the FLMI Program is designed to give employees a foundation of knowledge to foster success in the life and health insurance industry. LOMA 280—Principles of Insurance: Life, Health, and Annuities reviews the fundamentals of the business, giving an up-to-date overview of how insurance works; policy elements, provisions, and pricing; types of life, health, and retirement plan coverages. LOMA 290—Insurance Company Operations overviews company formation, structure, and function, demonstrating how various departments work together to identify customers’ needs; develop, price, and distribute products; handle underwriting, customer service, and claims; and perform accounting, investment management, and compliance duties.

The online versions of LOMA 280 and LOMA 290 offer busy employees the benefits of:

  • Immediate, anytime access

  • Dynamic, interactive presentation of learning materials

  • Lesson Pretests and Posttests that identify the amount of additional attention necessary for each lesson

  • Practice exercises that provide immediate reinforcement of concepts presented

  • Educational games that help make learning fun!

“We understand that our customers are busy financial services professionals with demanding job requirements,” stated Dennis Goodwin, FLMI, ACS, Second Vice President, e-Learning. “LOMA’s online courses give them yet another option for career development that will improve their job performance. These two new courses are only the beginning. We’ll soon be introducing more online designation courses as well as a number of highly focused short courses, business and management skills courses, courses designed to develop employees’ interpersonal skills, and ethics and compliance courses.”


Founded in 1924, LOMA is an international association through which more than 1,200 insurance and financial services companies from over 80 countries engage in research and educational activities to improve company operations. Visit LOMA at www.loma.org for more information.