LOMA Introduces Tool To Aid in Selecting Bilingual Contact Center Candidates

Atlanta, July 11, 2005 – LOMA, a leading provider of selection assessments for the financial services industry, announced today the release of LOMASelect® REPeValuator Bilingual. This Web-based simulation assesses critical skills of contact center candidates who are seeking positions that require communication in both English and Spanish. LOMASelect® REPeValuator Bilingual measures essential, on-the-job skills like managing customer relationships, providing complete and accurate information, and managing call time.

The LOMASelect® REPeValuator Bilingual simulation determines how well candidates deal with customers using Web chat and phone interaction, while providing a human touch. Candidates face different scenarios from customers inquiring about product support and service termination.

�The financial services industry is responding rapidly to changing customer demographics and we have seen increasing interest from our members to help them with selecting the best candidates for their bilingual contact centers,� says Barbara Kruse, ACS, second vice president of LOMA�s employee assessment at LOMA. “LOMASelect® REPeValuator Bilingual goes beyond assessing only the ability to communicate in multiple languages, but also helps identify candidates who have the soft-skills needed to deliver exceptional customer service.�

LOMA has been helping hundreds of insurance companies with legally-defensible employee selection solutions for more than 50 years. To date, more than 4 million LOMASelect® tests have been administered in the industry. For more information, visit http://www.loma.org/LOMASelectREPeValuatorbilingual.asp or call 770-984-6439.