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Tuesday, November 27 — Malaparte, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto

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Presentation Topics

MGA Industry Challenges

Gary Hirst
Gary Hirst

Gary Hirst, President, CAMGA; President & CEO, CHES Special Risk Inc.

Established in 2017, the 150th anniversary of Canada, CAMGA serves the interests of its members before the federal, provincial, and regulatory agencies and co-operates with other MGA trade forums around the globe.

CAMGA, although newly established, will look to represent as many of the current 100 plus MGA’s operating in Canada, and to be considered as the Leader and voice of the Wholesale and MGA insurance industry in Canada. Visit for details.

In this presentation, Gary will provide a snapshot and status of CAMGA and note some of the top-of-mind challenges facing the Canadian MGA community.

Will Technology Play a New Role in the MGA-Insurer Relationship?

Marc Lipman
Marc Lipman

Marc Lipman, Chief Operating Officer, AIG Insurance Company of Canada
Gerald Legrove, Managing Partner,

The MGA-Insurer business relationship varies a great deal in terms of responsibilities.

Today sees a more quickly-paced and dynamic insurance business environment enabled by – perhaps driven by – rapid innovations in technology (InsurTech).

What are the potential implications?

Peer to Peer Insurance: What is the Hype About?

Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang, CEO, Peer Circle Agency

Recently, interest and activity in the peer to peer (P2P) insurance space by InsurTech start-ups and VC firms has increased dramatically. Is P2P insurance simply old wine in a new bottle or is something revolutionary happening? How will the role of underwriters and actuaries be impacted by P2P insurance? This session will explain the current market trends in P2P insurance, including major players and key features offered through various platforms. Several case studies will be used to illustrate the pros and cons with P2P insurance. We will offer our views on the future of P2P insurance.

Is Your Decision Process Responding to InsurTech Demands?

Jad McGregor
Jad McGregor

Jad McGregor, President, ABEX
Selena Fredericks, Director - Operations & Marketing, A.M. Fredericks Underwriting Management Ltd.
Jeff McCann, CEO, Digital MGA Marketplace Ltd.
Moderator: Patrick Vice, Partner,

With the escalating pace of innovation and change in insurance, MGAs face the challenges of rising expectations by insurance and distribution partners, not to mention the ultimate end-customer. Opportunities keep surfacing. How is technology changing the decision process?

Cansure: An MGA Technology Case Study

Brock Andrew
Brock Andrew

Cameron Copeland, President, Cansure
Brock Andrew, COO, Custom Software Solutions Inc.

Cameron and Brock will discuss the impact of the technology partnership between these two firms upon the success of Cansure over the past 10 years.

How Can MGAs Disrupt The Insurance Market?

Märtin Kosk
Märtin Kosk

Märtin Kosk, Commercial Manager, Insly

With the growing prominence of InsurTech, the word “disruption” is being thrown around rather casually – but should we be talking about disruption or innovation in the insurance space?

What does innovation in insurance actually mean if you compare it to other industries, does innovation look the same in different countries and how are MGAs positioned to be a part of it?

Brokers Are Changing; Are You Keeping Up?

Kim Opheim
Kim Opheim

Moderator: Kim Opheim, President, K. Opheim Consulting
Panel TBA

Brokers are innovating in all directions, from customer experience and engagement to improved connectivity with markets, from integrated third party services to a culture change with staff, and more. New and emerging technologies are a major enabler, even driver, of the changes.

Hear from a panel of brokers who will discuss what they would like from their markets to help them maintain their competitive today, and going forward into tomorrow.


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