2017 Executive Forum: Presentation Topics

ICEF2017: “Insurance: Connected”

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Explore Connected Insurance

Hear from an expert faculty how your business will be affected by the forces driving change in – and disrupting – the insurance industry. See how they have initiated and executed their own programs in response to the upheaval.

From behavioral science to digital claims, from InsurTech to technology-enabled insurance products, learn from thought leaders and discuss with your peers. Register now.

Brokers: We are requesting accreditation for the RIBO continuing education program; details on eligibility and credit will be posted as they become available.

Agenda: Presentations and Panels

Registration Opens — 7:45am

Continental Breakfast

Welcoming Remarks — 8:30am

Keynote: “The Future of Insurance is InsurTech”

Matteo Carbone
Matteo Carbone

Matteo Carbone, Founder & Director, Connected Insurance Observatory

According to Matteo Carbone, insurance companies have to become “InsurTechs” in order to reach strategic objectives. He believe that we will see a completely changed insurance sector in the medium-term. But this may be more nuanced than many assume.

Digital transformation goes way beyond simply eliminating “the middle man.” The amplitude of the digital transformation happening in the insurance industry is widespread and encompasses all of the phases of the insurance value chain, from underwriting to claims. Every insurance sector player, whether it's a reinsurer, a carrier or an intermediary, ought to pose this question: how should the insurance value chain be reshaped by using the new technologies at hand?

In this session, Carbone will discuss his classification framework for InsurTech, including a new paradigm – connected insurance – which will yield 4 main benefits:

  • Frequency of interaction;
  • Bolstering the bottom line;
  • Knowledge creation;
  • Sustainability.

Carbone will include a review of outcomes from insurers involved in his recently formed Insurance Observatory.

Fireside Chat: “Canadian Perspectives on InsurTech”

Neil Mitchell
Neil Mitchell

Moderator: Neil Mitchell, Managing Director, Marsh Canada Limited

Matteo's keynote will be informed by his experiences around the world. He will also bring new information from his work developing Observatories in Europe and the US.

But how will this impact the Canadian insurance environment?

To help focus on critical elements in Canada – disruption, innovation, product, process, distribution, engagement – Patrick will invite a trio of Canadian experts to join Matteo in discussion:

  • David Crozier, President and CEO, Everest Insurance Company of Canada
  • Lorie Phair, Managing Director, Canadian Broker Network
  • Andrew Lo, President and CEO, Kanetix Ltd.

The conversation will include:

  • Impact on consumer segments. Which groups will benefit from the greater choice? Which may stand to lose?
  • Unique characteristics of the Canadian insurance environment. Will regulators be more or less activist?
  • Present and future impacts of Canadian technology, utilization, and InsurTech innovation.
  • An open forum for your questions and comments. Prepare questions you would like to pose to this unique group.

We expect a spirited conversation with the panel and attendees.

“The Art of Customer Connection: Opportunities in the Happiness Halo”

Craig Weber
Craig Weber

Craig Weber, CEO, Celent

For 50 years or more, the insurance industry has been trying to provide feature-rich products at the lowest possible prices, delivered with ever-more-efficient processes. Recent market developments suggest this approach is no longer good enough. Consumer expectations are rising, and the insurance industry must move from a transaction orientation to a connection orientation, where providers meet consumers' emotional and financial needs.

In this provocative session, Celent CEO Craig Weber will detail recent Celent research aimed at applying the principles of behavioral science to customer experience within financial services.

Spoiler alert: You're probably missing opportunities in the Happiness Halo...

Coffee Break — 10:15am

“The Future of Claims: Disrupt or Be Disrupted”

Pat Van Bakel
Pat Van Bakel

Pat Van Bakel, President & CEO, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

Claims management – otherwise known as the “Moment of Truth” – has never been more critical for an insurer's success. This session will describe the new mandate to go beyond technical claims handling excellence to achieve positive customer engagement, while controlling cost and expense, through the use of current and emerging technologies.

Consumers and businesses expect instantaneous response on a 24x7 basis. Claims providers need to employ technologies and processes that go beyond taking a claim report. Techniques include self-reporting by claimants using phone cameras, to drones, sensors in vehicles and climate controls. Gig economy workers may also be employed where a simple on-site 'look' is required.

Going forward, claims management and settlement will require effective data integration and analysis, driven by cognitive computing platforms. Pat will describe how these tools will allow insurers to maintain communication and to meet the expectations of tomorrow's consumers while containing costs and expenses.

“Digital Evolution of P&C Claims”

Keith Raymond
Keith Raymond

Keith Raymond, VP - Research & Consulting, Novarica

Digital transformation is gaining significant momentum in the insurance industry. Other industries have set a standard for customer experience, and today's digitally-immersed consumers have grown accustomed to interacting with a company anytime, anywhere, and from any device. To supplement these expectations, this new digital land of opportunity enables insurers to leverage data from sources such as telematics, wearable devices, sensors, GPS, and weather.

Insureds are carrying their digital expectations to the claims experience. Claims is an especially crucial touchpoint through which insurers can demonstrate their value. Carriers can ensure a positive claims experience and gain internal efficiencies by enhancing the digital capabilities that underpin this interaction. This presentation will focus on the impact of digital in insurance claims and provides executives with insight on key elements of the digital claims evolution.

“Enabling On-Demand Insurance”

Mark Dowds
Mark Dowds

Mark Dowds, Co-Founder, Trōv

Trōv is revolutionizing the way people protect the things they care about. With the introduction of the world's first on-demand insurance platform for single items, Trōv gives people the freedom to insure just what they want, exactly when they want, entirely from their mobile device. For an insurance industry accustomed to operating within strict boundaries and long timeframes, Trōv's level of user-enabled, on-demand control over single item coverage is a revolutionary disruption.

At ICEF2017, Mark Dowds, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Trōv, will provide an introduction to Trōv's disruptive on-demand insurance proposition; and perspectives on the rapidly changing insurance technology landscape from his viewpoint as a serial entrepreneur and thought leader.

Lunch — 12:15pm

“Hackathons to Startups: Inspire & Accelerate Innovation Through Fearless Life Hacking”

Andrew Lo
Andrew Lo

Andrew Lo, President & CEO, Kanetix Ltd.

Do you feel your organization is stuck in an innovation rut and is falling behind in this world of disruptive InsureTech? This session explores how to build an organizational culture that embraces experimentation and a fearless attitude toward learning from failure. Learn how to effectively hold a "hackathon" to inspire innovation and change throughout the organization. In addition, we'll discuss how to get the most out of working with tech startups that can accelerate your technology roadmap but will require the proper framework to keep entrepreneurs focused on solving your challenges. Hackathons and startup partnerships can pave the way through growth by giving you visibility and the ability to disrupt yourself.

“InsurTech: A Threat That Inspires”

Ido Segev
Ido Segev

Ido Segev, Partner, McKinsey Insurance Practice

Technology companies have lately entered the insurance sector, bringing the full force of their innovative, disruptive, opportunity-laden power. They will alter the terrain in which incumbents compete, creating change not unlike seen in banking. Insurtechs are taking advantage of new technologies to provide coverage to an increasingly more digitally savvy customer base. Like Fintechs and digital-only banks, Insurtechs are extending innovation throughout the sector, creating a competitive threat to incumbents but also potentially valuable opportunities for partnering.

McKinsey continuously monitors the Insurtech ecosystems with a dedicated effort to identify, evaluate and track the development of commercially successful Insurtech through the Panorama Insurtech database research.

The insights generated from the detailed analysis of more than 500 Insurtechs will be shared in the presentation.

“Cognitive Computing: Future-Proof Your Competitive Advantage”

Debbie Landers
Debbie Landers

Debbie Landers, Vice President - Cognitive Solutions, IBM Canada

Cognitive Computing – enabled by the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence – is providing new avenues to competitive advantage in today's age of digital disruption in insurance and across all industries.

In this session, Debbie will focus on how advances in these areas can be leveraged today, and in the future, to change the nature of the competitive game for insurance companies, brokers and other distributors, and providers of related services.

Hear details about others who are leapfrogging their competition; take away lessons learned in the early days; dream about what you might be able to do within the insurance industry when you are enabled by systems of the future.

Learn about leveraging Cognitive Computing in this age of digital disruption; prepare to future-proof your advantages.

Coffee Break — 2:40pm

“The Use of A.I. in Insurance”

Catherine Kargas
Catherine Kargas

Moderator: Catherine Kargas, Vice President, MARCON
Bhanu Kholi, Partner and Digital Lead (Canada), Capco
Jason Theodor, Director - Experience Design, Capco
Jamie McDougall, Vice President, Gore Mutual

Artificial Intelligence is in the early days of implementation. However, leading insurers are actively evaluating, testing, and implementing AI components, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Advanced Analytics. This session explores the current state of play, and insurers' opportunities and challenges, including analysis of potential applications, impacts on existing departments / personnel, and alignment with customers / distributors. There are two critical success factors: Big Data management and access to talent.

“Retailization in Insurance: Designing for Trust”

Mukul Ahuja

Mukul Ahuja, Strategy & Innovation Leader, Monitor Deloitte

Canada's property and casualty insurers face a decade of turbulent business conditions – a perfect storm of evolving consumer behaviours, intensifying competition, and rapid innovation. Property and casualty insurers will look to the retail sector as they transform the way in which they operate their business and engage with their customers. By 2025, customer experience will overtake price as a key brand differentiator.

Ahuja will outline strategies to pivot towards the customers' requirements.

“Innovating Together Can Change an Industry”

Chris Murumets
Chris Murumets

Chris Murumets, CEO, LOGiQ3 Group; Co-Founder, Cookhouse Lab
Natalie Ho, Vice President - Marketing & Brand, LOGiQ3 Group, Cookhouse Lab

Cookhouse Lab will present an engaging and interactive session on the importance of Open Collaboration and why it is at the heart of Insurance Innovation. By bringing together the right mix of professionals from various backgrounds, geographies, and expertise, with the common goal of co-creating and accelerating insurance innovation, great things can come. During the session, Cookhouse Lab will share several examples of open collaboration successes in insurance and host an interactive Speed Innovation workshop. so that you too, can experience the power of Open Collaboration.

Networking Reception — 5:00pm

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