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New Rewards from New Risks

Back in 2013, the Insurance-Canada staff and a select group from insurers, brokers, and suppliers held a series of study group meetings to help us all understand what would be the major trends over the next 10 years.

Looking back, one significant element did not rise to the top:  fundamental changes to the insurance product.

That has changed and will be reviewed at the 2018 Insurance-Canada Executive Forum (#ICXF2018).   Interested?  Read on below and check the listings at our Presentation Topics.

Let’s get to the core….

While most insurers have always sought methods to prevent damages or mitigate the impact, as recently as 2013, some insurance professionals have avoided more complex risks and relied on limitations of coverage.  

For example, in 2013, experts at several of our events introduced the concept of autonomous vehicles and were met with horror.  “You can’t control vehicles on snow and ice,” said one underwriter.

Now, we see that the evolution of these vehicles are quite capable, and the vehicles are on track to be open to wider utilization over the next few years.  And the technologies go beyond vehicles.

We have several  sessions at #ICEF2018.  Here are a few examples.  

Innovation Drives Change in Insurance Risk  will be a panel consisting of 3 executives:

    • Alice Keung, Chief Transformation Officer, Economical Insurance
    • Lorie Phair, Managing Director, Canadian Broker Network
    • Marc Lipman, Chief Operating Officer, AIG Insurance Company of Canada

who will describe the necessity for changes and the expected outcomes.

It’s not just the Risk: Responsive products are required

We will also have several sessions which will focus on new insurance products to meet risk profiles and another helping customers manage risk.  

Technology is dominant on all aspects of risk and control.  Our leaders will be providing executive level information in business terms.  Here are a few examples:

We will also look at fundamental strategies and tools which will align with risk.  For example, 

Time is of the essence …

There are more.  Further details here.  

But don’t wait too long.   The #ICXF2018 will start promptly at 8:30 AM on 28 August 2018.