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ICEF2018: “The Digital Future of Insurance: Is Risk Passé?”

Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

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What happens when risk changes?

From the certainty that risk continues to evolve ever faster, an expert faculty will explore both the nature of those changes and how the industry has initiated and executed their own programs in response.

From startup firms with a twist to traditional products to the use of modern technology tools, from perspectives on innovation to avoiding "deadly sins" to a prediction of insurance tomorrow, learn from thought leaders and discuss with your peers. Register now.

Brokers: We will be requesting accreditation for the RIBO Continuing Education program; details on eligibility and credit will be posted as they become available (last year's forum was accredited for 6.0 hours of CE in the Management category).

Presentation Topics

The 7 Deadly Sins of Insurance

Rob Galbraith, Director - Underwriting Research, USAA

Rob Galbraith
Rob Galbraith

A recent confluence of technological changes in the insurance industry has led to a plethora of investment in InsurTech and collaboration between traditional players and startups. However, much of this energy has been focused on improving, tweaking and extending standard insurance products, which from today's digital-world perspective contains fatal flaws born from its roots 300 years ago. Learn how the “7 deadly sins of insurance” create unprecedented market threats – and opportunities – that will fundamentally and permanently alter the P&C insurance world as we know it.

Insurers and InsurTechs: Competitors or Collaborators?

Mark Dowds, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Trōv

Mark Dowds
Mark Dowds

Will insurance companies be able to keep up with InsurTech innovation as our world changes at pace?

This presentation will explore a few emerging business models and open a dialogue around who is likely to win the race.

Innovation Drives Change In Insurance Risk: Panel

Alice Keung, Chief Transformation Officer, Economical Insurance
Neil Mitchell, InsurTech Advisor & Investor
Lorie Phair, Managing Director, Canadian Broker Network
Moderator: Patrick Vice, Partner,

Alice Keung
Alice Keung

Although digital transformation of insurance continues to progress, the most interesting – and challenging – result has been in terms of innovation. We see this today in all aspects of the business, from the culture in our organizations to the way we engage our customers and the very nature of our insurance products.

This discussion will range over the ways innovation within insurance will change both practitioners and consumers. Explore how innovation itself is developing and changing.

The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

Doug McElhaney, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Doug McElhaney
Doug McElhaney

The nature of risk is changing, and leading insurers are moving quickly to respond to digital demands. Consider: when UBER came to the streets, insurance was almost unavailable. Now, there is a vibrant marketplace for transport companies and other unique coverages - UBI, Pay as you Drive, Drone insurance, and Micro-insurance. And the pace of change will only become faster.

Doug McElhaney, McKinsey & Company, will describe the use of external data sources in Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to support changing insurance requirements. Doug will also look to the next 3-5 years to project even more dramatic changes in insurance that you will need to survive and thrive.

New Elements to Helping Customers Manage Risk: A Fireside Chat

Tyrre Burks, Founder & CEO, Player's Health
Patrick Vice, Partner,

Tyrre Burks
Tyrre Burks

Insurance for many years has offered assistance and advice to customers to help them manage their insured risks. More recently, new technologies have enabled better, easier, faster ways of communicating. Sensors have changed the game in terms of measuring most anything. More data and much better analysis tools allow better predictive and assessment capabilities.

Leading participants in the risk and insurance space are taking advantage of these developments to create innovative solutions in order to seize new opportunities. In this discussion, learn how Player's Health is doing just that.

Reflecting on the Journey to Successful Enterprise AI Implementations

Ahsan Siddiqi, Director - IT and Data Strategy, Architecture, X by 2

Ahsan Siddiqi
Ahsan Siddiqi

We all hear about the promise of artificial intelligence. How it can be a competitive advantage or disadvantage if you don't have it. There is a lot of talk about the art of the possible. The journeys to bringing a valuable AI use case to mainstream business processes is rarely told. There is no template, no guaranteed process. So let's look at successful journeys through the rear view mirror and understand what worked and what didn't. Let's draw insights and best practices across people, process, and technology perspectives.

Insurance in the Age of Algorithms

Baiju Devani, Vice President - Enterprise Analytics, Aviva

Baiju Devani
Baiju Devani

Nothing has changed, yet everything is different.

The new economy is driven by algorithms. From digital content to services such as transportation, we take for granted a non-human intermediated world where software serve our needs better and faster than before. Some of these algorithms are going to be learning algorithms fueled by an AI-first world. But in many cases the algorithms are simple and driven by a need for services-based workflows and automation . This algorithmic-driven mindset is here for the P&C insurance industry with different stakeholders on a familiar journey of digitizing their workflows, introducing “Big Data” platforms and investing in AI. But putting it all together is hard with common pitfalls.

In this talk, we will discuss some of these pitfalls, as well as the dramatic impact – if done right – on everything from distribution of products, to pricing and underwriting, to servicing of insurance.


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