InsurTech Spotlight: Zensurance


Company: Zensurance


Business Category: An insurance practitioner (insurer, MGA, broker, agent)

Maturity Status: Startup (less than 3 years since product went into production)

Product or Service: Business Insurance

Area: Property & Casualty Insurance

Zensurance is an online commercial insurance brokerage obsessed with making the process of purchasing small business insurance simple and fast. With a strong focus on technology, and a national footprint, Zensurance has enjoyed phenomenal growth since its founding in 2016.

What makes us an InsurTech:

Self-serve business insurance solution.

Major features & technology used:

Our technology-enabled research and analytics help us to understand business owners and provide them with the best online experience.

News & Updates

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About Zensurance

We believe the current process of buying and managing business insurance was due for a refresh. How come we can buy almost everything online, but for business insurance we need to make multiple phone calls, wait for paper or email quotes, go in person to the broker’s office? At Zensurance we do things a little differently: we work hard at helping business owners save time by allowing them to request a quote online, 24/7, without having to speak to anyone. We understand how this is different from traditional insurance brokers, and that is exactly what motivated us to create an online brokerage! For more information, please visit

Source: Zensurance

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