InsurTech Spotlight: SideDrawer


Company: SideDrawer, Inc.


Business Category: A technology provider of InsurTech tools to insurance practitioners

Maturity Status: Startup (less than 3 years since product went into production)

Product or Service: SideDrawer professional planning & client collaboration platform

Area: Both Property & Casualty insurance and Life & Health insurance

SideDrawer is a secure, fully customizable, guided organization, collaboration platform for Advisors and their clients. The easy-to-use platform significantly increases efficiencies saving hours of back & forth per client; creating collections of documents with tagging capabilities, integrates with current workflow and helps identify additional revenue-generating opportunities for the Advisor, while providing ongoing added value to their clients, driving higher retention.

We achieve this through:

  • A beautiful, simplified user experience, and not a clunky file-folder structure from the ‘90s.
  • Our external collaboration structure allows the data owner to offer a similar user experience to any third-party collaborator they choose.
  • We eliminate the need for sharing file links (=phishing risk) and attachments (=malware risk), which have increased significantly due to work-from-home.
  • All data is stored in geographically relevant AWS servers, encrypted with no-read capability unless permissioned.
  • We integrate with your existing workflow – be it, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint (O365) and others as needed.
  • Our platform is fully customizable with over 300 API endpoints – allowing you to deploy it as an off-the-shelf product, custom-branded, white-labeled, or consume our APIs and leverage the design and infrastructure within your organization.

What makes us an InsurTech:

SideDrawer was designed to support Brokers, Advisors and their clients to significantly increase and retain business, efficiencies, collaboration and revenue generating opportunities.

Major features & technology used:

SideDrawer platform and applications are built using modern frameworks like Flutter, Node.js and nest. This allowed SideDrawer to build experience driven design applications that are scalable.

SideDrawer’s front-end applications are built consuming our Open APIs. SideDrawer’s API is built using REST/JSON.

Our Infrastructure and CyberSecurity are state-of-the-art, following the latest best practices from industry leaders, implementing Docker, Kubernetes, Distributed Micro Services and encrypting the data at rest and in transit at all times.

News & Updates

See the latest SideDrawer news.

About SideDrawer

SideDrawer is a mobile and online solution for customers and Professional Service Providers (PSPs) in which customers have the ability to securely keep their personal, financial and important records and organized for life, allowing PSPs to collaborate and communicate with their clients through a single, living repository.

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Source: SideDrawer, Inc.

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