InsurTech Spotlight: Resilience


Company: Resilience


Business Category: Managing General Agent (MGA)

Maturity Status: Mature (more than 3 years since first product went into production)

Product or Service: The Resilience Solution – enterprise-grade cyber risk solutions

Area: Property & Casualty insurance

Resilience is the next-generation cyber risk company that’s on a mission to help make the world cyber resilient. At Resilience, we help organizations achieve cyber resilience by balancing their risk acceptance, risk mitigation, and risk transfer so they can assess, measure, and manage their cyber risk all in one place.

What makes us an InsurTech:

Resilience’s proprietary AI-powered models help risk, cybersecurity, and financial leaders break down operational silos so they can continuously improve their cyber defenses. These risk models also provide the data analysis and technology foundation for the underwriting risk selection process. Resilience’s models facilitate peril-based analysis creating a technological advantage that makes the underwriting process both more efficient and more effective.

Major features & technology used:

The Resilience solution leverages proprietary AI-powered risk models that provide clients with ongoing visibility into their external attack surface risk with financially contextualized analysis. The solution assists clients by identifying and prioritizing risk exposure gaps by their financial return-on-investment. It also tracks remediation efforts and analyzes cyber risk holistically to help communication from the practitioner level to the Board of Directors. This proprietary technology Is continuous learning based on client engagements, thus allowing Resilience to stay abreast of new changes in clients’ threat landscapes.

News & Updates

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About Resilience

Founded in 2016 by experts from across the highest tiers of the US military and intelligence communities and augmented by prominent leaders and innovators from the insurance and technology industries, Resilience is rewriting the rules of how cyber risk is assessed, measured, and managed for middle to large market enterprises. Rooted in decades of experience, Resilience helps financial, risk, and information security leaders continuously improve their organizations’ cyber resilience by connecting cyber insurance coverage with advanced cybersecurity visibility and a shared plan to reinforce actionable cyber hygiene.

Resilience is proud to be backed by leading technology investment firms including General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Intact Ventures, Founders Fund, CRV, and Shield Capital. With headquarters in San Francisco, Resilience’s team is globally dispersed, with offices in New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Toronto, and London. Resilience offers insurance coverage through its licensed and appointed insurance agency and security services through its expert security team.

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Source: Resilience

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