InsurTech Spotlight: Mobileye


Company: Mobileye Inc.


Business Category: A technology provider for insured fleets to reduce collisions

Maturity Status: Mature (more than 3 years since product went into production)

Product or Service: Mobileye 8 Collision Avoidance System for fleets

Area: Property & Casualty insurance

Mobileye’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology is deployed in more than 100 million vehicles today and is integrated into hundreds of new car models from the world’s major automakers, including Audi, BMW, FCA, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai / Kia, Nissan, Volkswagen, and more.

Mobileye began with the vision of reducing vehicle collisions and resulting injuries and fatalities. Today, Mobileye makes one of the most advanced collision avoidance systems on the market while working toward autonomous driving and the coming autonomous mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) revolution in road safety.

Since 2004, Mobileye has offered a retrofit version of its technology to fleets across the globe, increasing fleet safety, efficiency, and cost savings. Mobileye has worked with companies across many different industries, providing a custom-tailored alert system. This technology can be installed in almost any vehicle and offers numerous lifesaving alerts in one system, helping the driver avoid or mitigate collisions.

In 2018, Mobileye launched the first-ever connected version of its retrofit collision avoidance technology, Mobileye 8 Connect.

What makes us an InsurTech:

We are partners with Munich Re in the US and we are looking for Canadian insurance partners that want to help their insureds reduce collisions (therefore claims), with a proactive system instead of an after-the-fact video recording system like traditional dash cams.

Major features & technology used:

Mobileye 8 is a device that contains a visual sensor, our system-on-chip contains powerful AI trained for more than 20 years in detecting, alerting, and preventing collisions with other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, and cyclists. The system also helps drivers keep the vehicle within the lanes and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

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News & Updates

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About Mobileye

Mobileye is leading the mobility revolution with its autonomous-driving and driver-assist technologies, harnessing world-renowned expertise in computer vision, machine learning, mapping, and data analysis. Our technology enables self-driving vehicles and mobility solutions, powers industry-leading advanced driver-assistance systems, and delivers valuable intelligence to optimize mobility infrastructure. Mobileye pioneered such groundbreaking technologies as True Redundancy™ sensing, REM™ crowdsourced mapping, and Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) technologies that are driving the ADAS and AV fields towards the future of mobility. For more information, visit

We are looking for insurance partners in Canada open to rethinking the popular belief that Video-Recording Solutions are the right approach to help a client reduce collisions. We can help avoid the collision instead of recording it.

Source: Mobileye Inc.

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