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Insurance Trends: Globe and Mail National Special Feature

Toronto, ON (Dec. 5, 2017) – It was a privilege to be interviewed for the Globe and Mail‘s annual Insurance Trends Report special feature. Our points of view were consolidated into two articles available for you to read now. View now in PDF format or use the links below to read them via At… Read more »

The New Work Paradigm: Stairway to Heaven or Race to the Bottom?

Back in June, I confessed that, as a technology professional, I had been ‘economical’ with the truth about the impact new technology would have on employees.  Some anlaytsts suggest we are finding a path to a better future, but others see a slippery slope to an unpleasantly warmer place. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Transforming work?… Read more »

Apple Auto: What Would DeLorean Say?

There is major buzz around the tech giants getting into the automobile business, the most recent of which is a growing mountain of evidence that Apple is acquiring assets and resources in aid of its push. I have no idea how an Apple entree into auto manufacturing will play out.  However,  my Detroit soul is… Read more »

Consumer Satisfaction, Auto Insurance, and Telematics: A Failure to Communicate?

Could it be that Canadian auto insurers will ultimately be driven to adopt pay-as-you-drive insurance schemes once consumers learn how to say ‘Telematics?’ Rob Carrick wrote a piece in the personal finance section of the Globe and Mail last week, entitled “Car insurers just don’t get Generation Y”.  Citing information from a recent J.D. Power… Read more »

Is Canada Behind in Social Media Use?

Lately, one of the more frequent questions we hear seems to be: “Are we Canadians lagging in the use of social media for business?”  A couple of recent items suggest that we probably are, in business generally, and insurance specifically. The Weekend Globe and Mail (16 Apr) carried an article:  ‘Canadian Job Seekers Lag in… Read more »