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UBI Resuscitation: A Two-Decade ‘Overnight Sensation’

Back in the late 1990s, several insurance companies decided to move beyond static automobile rating and use actual vehicle data. After a long, slow start, new digital approaches and shifting consumer mobility needs are offering a larger opportunity. And you have an opportunity to see the drivers (pun intended) at the 2018 Technology Conference. It… Read more »

Toronto Insurance Conference adds Travelers Canada to real-time insurer/broker system integration proof of concept partnership

Toronto, ON (Feb. 12, 2018) – The Toronto Insurance Conference (TIC) is proud to announce that Travelers Canada has joined the partnership to demonstrate real-time integration directly between Insurer and broker platforms using the Data Exchange Model (D/X). “Travelers Canada is committed to supporting brokers in their efforts to enhance efficiencies and deliver superior customer… Read more »

AIG Introduces Blackboard, A New Brand Name for Its Data-Enabled Digital Subsidiary Focused on Transforming Commercial Insurance

New York, NY (Oct. 30, 2017) – American International Group, Inc. has introduced BlackboardSM, the new brand name and logo for its technology-focused subsidiary, formerly operating under the Hamilton USA brand. AIG completed the acquisition of Hamilton USA on October 2, 2017. Blackboard’s vision is to reimagine and transform commercial insurance through digital technology, data… Read more »

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Digital and Analogue: Tails and Heads on a Single Coin

Back in the dying days of 2015, I posted on insurance organizations that were in the process of disrupting themselves.  So where did we end up?  Let’s take a look at the journey and see where we stand and where we are going. Are we behind the times? Insurance organizations have been tagged as laggards… Read more »

Can we Crack the Insurance Shopper’s Genome With Half the DNA Sequence?

Experts suggest that the consumer digital journey is similar in complexity to genome sequencing.  If that’s true,  why do segments of the insurance community feel that they can get all of the information they require with only half of the data that’s available? We’d like your thoughts on this. Earlier this month, two McKinsey & Company experts… Read more »

Does the Big Data Future Start with One Step Back?

The old saying, “Data Rich, Information Poor,” seems more applicable today than when it was first coined. Paradoxically, at the same time as we are facing data avalanche, the most important tool to exploit 21st-century data might be one that has been around for more than three decades.  However, this “one step backward” approach may… Read more »

Personalized Marketing: What Do We Know and When Do We Know It?

Reading between the lines of some recent reports, I am starting to think that the more we learn about personalized marketing, the less we know about how to implement it.  Fortunately, there is an opportunity to pose questions to leading experts next week.  I hope you can join me to ask your own questions and… Read more » and Insurance: Putting a Many-Headed Hydra into the Game

After attending Dreamforce — the annual in-person event — and listening to several presentations from insurance users, we believe that the use of products and services has the potential to be as powerful as the business strategy it supports. If you are using or evaluating, we are interested in your impressions. A… Read more »

The New Reality of the Insurance Marketing Function

As a longtime insurance expert, I’ve noticed interesting changes taking place in the industry. While insurance carriers continue spend a large portion of their technology budget on underwriting, policy administration and claims, the marketing function is emerging in importance. The Rise of the CMO We’ve seen dramatic changes taking place on the Life insurance side…. Read more »