The Impact of Technology in Group Insurance

Join XRM Vision for a FREE conference on Tuesday, September 21, at 1:30pm, with our guest, Christine Wyatt from Empire Life.

Christine Wyatt Director, Group Digital Channel at Empire Life, and Dina Michelle Dussault, Account Manager at XRM Vision, will explore the different levels of technology adoption among group insurance brokers:

Over the course of this 30-minute conference, several hot topics will be discussed:

  • What are the various levels of maturity of the different stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem? Group insurance brokers, learn why advisors play a key role to guide their customers and make data-driven decisions.
  • Is there a difference between Pre-Covid and Post-Covid Era in group insurance technology? The conference will allow brokers to take an introspective look at crisis management, but also to learn about some of the technology trends that will become common practice after COVID.
  • What does the future of group insurance brokers hold in technology? Empire Life will share with you what the future holds for brokers in terms of technology. How does it play out in the daily life of brokers?
  • How has Empire Life adapted with the technology trends? Brokers, find out how to make the best out of your situation and come get inspired by Empire Life’s new technology trends.

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Virtual conference with Empire Life

Presented by:
Tandem powered by XRM Vision

September 21,

Featured Speakers:

Christine Wyatt
Director - Group Digital Channel,
Empire Life

Christine Wyatt earned her Bachelor of Science from University of British Columbia. She is now the Director of the Group Digital Channel at Empire Life. She has worked in the industry for over 15 years. With a great perspective on Group business, Sales and technology, she has been a key driver behind digital solutions that are making it easier to do business with them.

Michelle Dussault
Account Manager,

Licensed in both casualty and group insurance, Dina has embarked on a career of helping companies realize their full potential. Sales professional, she has over 25 years of consultative selling, innovative solutions and account development. Her fabulous career path has allowed her to understand the needs of advisors and to be aware of the constant evolution of the insurance market.

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