Optimizing Human-Digital Interaction for InsurTech Success

December 7 Webinar

You have built out your full stack technology, using the best tools available.

You have selected the most relevant data, optimized the data model, and updated them regularly.

You have reduced friction points to optimize the user experience.

But Is this enough?

Only if you want to come in second ... or third.

If not, you have to go beyond measuring machines, and start studying human behaviours.

There is a proven path:

Kanetix Ltd. has been using A/B testing to continuously improve CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and enhance customer experience.

In this webinar, Andrew Lo, CEO of Kanetix Ltd., and Janine White, Vice-president, Marketplaces, will help you understand the principles and practices that result in winning strategies.

And, looking forward ...

Andrew and Janine will introduce AI tools that are taking the process to the next level.

If you saw Janine at InsurTechTO,

Hear the rest of the story in this interactive webinar.


Scroll down to watch the recording ... and get prepared for real success in your office!

Kanetix Ltd.

“Optimizing Human-Digital Interaction
for InsurTech Success”

December 7, 2017
10:30 - 11:30am EST

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Featured Speakers:

Andrew Lo, CEO, Kanetix Ltd.
Andrew Lo,
Kanetix Ltd.

Janine White, Vice-President - Marketplaces, Kanetix
Janine White,
Vice-President - Marketplaces,
Kanetix Ltd.

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