MindBridge Launches Global Partner Program to Bring AI-based Financial Risk Intelligence and Orchestration Solutions to the Enterprise

New program enables partners to rapidly integrate AI-powered risk intelligence into their platforms and services

Ottawa, ON (June. 1, 2024) – MindBridge, a pioneering leader in AI-powered financial risk intelligence, is pleased to announce the launch of the MindBridge Global Partner Program. Coming in conjunction with the latest release of the MindBridge Platform, this program welcomes other enterprise software and solution providers, automation vendors, professional services and advisory firms, and data infrastructure providers to collaborate on the delivery of continuous risk intelligence across all financial flows in the enterprise.

The Global Partner Program provides product integrations, development support and collaboration, go-to-market resources, and numerous other benefits enabling partners to integrate MindBridge’s leading risk intelligence engine into their new or existing solutions and services. Through this program, MindBridge is equipping its partners with an AI-powered risk analytics platform that they can integrate with and extend bringing innovative financial risk, GRC, audit, and workflow solutions to customers worldwide.

“The future of the autonomous enterprise requires real-time intelligence plugged into the flow of all financial transactions,” said Stephen DeWitt, MindBridge Analytics CEO. “With over eight years of innovation and having operated at scale, MindBridge AI is an extremely powerful risk analytics platform that is always learning. We look forward to expanding our partner collaborations to bring extraordinary new solutions to life for our customers.”

The MindBridge Partner Program offers numerous benefits for participants, including streamlined integrations that ensure a smooth user experience for partners and their customers. Enhanced visibility through detailed usage reporting provides valuable insights into program performance and user adoption. Comprehensive support from dedicated sales, marketing, and technical teams empowers partners to drive successful solutions and customer adoption. Additionally, the program includes education and certification through training and enablement initiatives to prepare and certify partner teams effectively.

Unlocking the Power of AI in Financial Data Analysis

The MindBridge Platform leverages powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify unusual patterns, errors, and potential misstatements in financial data and processes enabling enterprises to:

  • Streamline financial analysis: Reduce time spent on manual tasks and data collection and focus transformation to enable continuous visibility of risk
  • Reduce risk of errors and fraud: Identify anomalies and red flags with greater accuracy and grouping leading to more reliable audits and discovery of risks across financial transactions
  • Improve efficiency: Enhance overall finance workflows, allowing financial professionals to deliver results faster and cost-effectively.

Join the MindBridge Global Partner Program

MindBridge invites industry leaders interested in accelerating their services offerings with AI-powered financial and audit anomaly and risk detection to join the Partner Program. Visit to learn more and talk to our partner team.

About MindBridge

Founded in 2015, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with employees and data scientists worldwide, MindBridge Analytics is the pioneer in AI-driven financial risk intelligence. Recognized globally for its innovative approach, MindBridge’s technology is designed to streamline and secure AI adoption across all financial workflows, empowering financial professionals and their stakeholders with continuous, actionable insights by surfacing enterprise risk across all critical financial flows. For more information, visit www.mindbridge.ai.

SOURCE: MindBridge

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