Majesco Unleashes a New Era of GenAI-Driven Solutions for the Insurance Industry with Majesco Copilot Built on Microsoft Copilot Studio

Morristown, NJ (June 4, 2024) – Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance platform software for insurance business transformation, celebrates the accelerated success of its collaboration with Microsoft, solidified by the Spring ’24 Release of Majesco Copilot, built using Microsoft Copilot Studio, embedded across Majesco’s portfolio of solutions. This strategic collaboration builds on a deepening foundation and commitment to relentless innovation, with the integration of cutting-edge GenAI to transform and drive operational optimization across the insurance business.

In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, the collaboration between Majesco and Microsoft serves as an exemplary case. Majesco’s vision and commitment to investment in innovation are essential drivers for optimizing the business, enhancing efficiency, and boosting productivity within the insurance industry.  This collaboration significantly benefits Majesco customers, empowering them with cutting-edge solutions, next-gen architecture foundation, security, and transformative experiences.

The Spring ’24 Release emphasizes a user-centric design, with Majesco Copilot integrated smoothly into all Majesco’s solutions. This market leading integration serves as a gateway for insurers to access GenAI-powered capabilities, streamlining insurance processes and providing elevated user experiences, enabling insurers to concentrate on their primary business objectives while harnessing the power of GenAI for a strategic advantage.

“Our strategic alliance with Microsoft is electrifying,” said Manish Shah, Chief Product Officer and President of Majesco. “Integrating GenAI within Majesco’s solutions is a game-changer, allowing us to push boundaries and deliver exceptional value for our customers. Working alongside Microsoft, we’re not just chasing the future; we’re designing it—delivering unmatched operational productivity and transformative potential to our clients.”

“Majesco’s copilot is a truly innovative use of Microsoft technology, and a great value-add in the insurance industry as adoption of generative AI gains steam,” said Sandeep Mangaraj, Managing Director of Microsoft. “Their commitment to responsible innovation is evident as they seamlessly integrate generative AI into their solution’s workflow, paving the way for a smarter, more efficient future.”

This ongoing collaboration continues to deepen and strengthen, reaffirming Majesco commitment to shaping the future of insurance, ensuring that every new release of our solutions is a leap forward to a more agile, intelligent, and responsive industry.

Coming this June, Majesco and Microsoft, along with a customer will present on the main stage at InsurTech Insights on the potential and power of GenAI, why an overriding data and analytics strategy and next-gen architecture are critical to the effective use of GenAI and how the collaboration is accelerating the potential of GenAI across insurance solutions with Majesco Copilot.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see how this alliance is leading change.

About Majesco

Majesco (NASDAQ:MJCO) is the partner P&C and L&AH insurers choose to create and deliver outstanding experiences for customers. We combine our technology and insurance experience to anticipate what is next, without losing sight of what’s important now. Over 350 insurers, from MGAs, greenfields and startups to some of the world’s largest insurers and reinsurers, rely on Majesco’s intelligent SaaS platforms solutions, with embedded analytics including GenAI, of core, data, analytics, distribution, underwriting, loss control, digital, and rich ecosystem of partners to create their next now. As an industry leader, we don’t believe in managing risk by avoiding change. We embrace change, even cause it, to get and stay ahead of risk. With 1000+ successful implementations and 90% of our customers in the cloud we are uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between a traditional insurance industry approach and a pure digital mindset. We give customers the confidence to decide, the products to perform, and the follow-through to execute. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Majesco

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