Trufla CRM Sets New Standards for the Insurance Industry

truMarket is a CMS on steroids, added in rating and workflow automation

Toronto, ON (Mar. 19, 2024) – In an industry-defining moment, Trufla is thrilled to unveil truMarket, a revolutionary customer relationship management (CRM) platform set to redefine the standards of insurance quoting and customer management.

Crafted with groundbreaking features and an unwavering commitment to efficiency, data integration, and an unparalleled user experience, truMarket emerges as the quintessential tool for insurance brokers eager to transcend traditional client management boundaries.

truMarket not only promises to elevate the operational capabilities of insurance brokers, carriers, and MGAs across the board but also to catalyze their growth, efficiency, and client service and retention strategies.

Sherif Gemayel, CEO of Trufla, encapsulates the essence of truMarket, stating, “Imagine the collaborative genius of Salesforce’s adaptability, HubSpot’s lead management prowess, and Mulesoft’s seamless workflow automation—all converging to birth truMarket. That’s the level of innovation we’re bringing to the table.”

Among its suite of transformative features, truMarket boasts instant home and auto, q  integrated with Trudi – Trufla’s AI rater, comprehensive data dashboards for unparalleled insight, API rating capabilities, rating engine integration, and automated data retrieval for accelerated quoting processes. Other rating verticals include cyber, D&O, E&O, CGL and more. Its integration capabilities are vast, including seamless connections with MVR, Auto Plus, iClarify, Stripe, Powerbroker, Vertafore, and e-signature technologies.

Gemayel further emphasizes, “truMarket elevates your data and analytics capabilities, integrating cutting-edge insurance AI technology to put you leagues ahead in the digital curve.”

Designed with a keen focus on real-time interaction, truMarket’s interface grants brokers an omnipresent view of client activities within the system, making lead navigation, request viewing, claim processing, and affiliate management effortlessly navigable through its intuitive user interface.

By digitizing insurance products comprehensively, truMarket ambitiously aims to minimize the time insurance professionals spend on sales and after-sales processes. It empowers brokers to expedite insurance acquisition, streamline product switching, and facilitate policy renewals with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Learn more about truMarket CRM here.

About Trufla

Originating in the insurance sector, Trufla has expertly integrated real-world insurance knowledge with advanced AI technologies to design tools that revolutionize the distribution process. With a global client base exceeding 200, Trufla is committed to leveraging AI to empower distributors to thrive and expand in an increasingly digital world. Trufla’s innovative product suite includes an AI-driven customer self-service platform, comprehensive sales and customer management solutions, digital marketing strategies, and AI-fueled data insights. Boasting a diverse team of over 100 specialists in insurance, web development, AI, app development, and UI/UX, Trufla has rapidly emerged as a premier AI-centric insurTech provider in Canada, earning the title of 2022’s Best InsurTech Provider by Insurance Business Canada For more information, visit

SOURCE: Trufla Technology Ltd.

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