Sure launches Anywhere Insurance to liberate insurance industry from incumbent rate service organizations and legacy vendors

Introducing first-of-its-kind insurance program pairing modern insurance product filings with industry-leading SaaS technology

Los Angeles, CA (Feb. 14, 2024) – Sure, the insurance technology leader that unlocks the potential of digital insurance, is pleased to announce the launch of Anywhere Insurance to liberate the insurance industry from the control of incumbent rate service organizations (RSOs) and legacy insurance product filings. Anywhere is a simple solution for complex insurance products. Anywhere provides first of its kind insurance programs designed for carriers, MGAs, and global brands that want unique, customizable, go-to-market ready insurance products paired with end-to-end SaaS technology and APIs that can scale to hundreds of millions of customers.

“For too long, legacy rate service organizations have had a stranglehold on the insurance industry. They have controlled the plumbing and pricing, creating challenging and unnecessary barriers to launch modern insurance programs,” said Wayne Slavin, co-founder and CEO of Sure. “Anywhere is reinventing how insurance programs are built and launched in the digital age. We are solving the fundamental challenges in the insurance industry with a new turnkey, technology-driven approach that dramatically reduces time to market, minimizes launch and operating costs, and revolutionizes the customer experience. Anywhere is something no other insurtech is capable of taking on and one of our most ambitious undertakings yet.”

For years, Sure has partnered with trusted and established insurance companies to help them offer frictionless digital insurance, and has seen first-hand the enormous costs and pain points associated with the status quo. Years in development, Sure’s insurance and technology experts have delivered a solution that is unrivaled in the market. By expanding on what Sure has learned and packaging it up to produce a modern and modular suite of insurance products paired with the most cutting-edge insurance technology platform, the unique combination goes beyond the limitations of what incumbents can offer. The result is a time to market that is 800% faster and a more flexible, cost-effective solution that brings insurance product launches and distribution opportunities to match the needs of today’s insurance partners.

Downsides of the status quo

Legacy RSOs don’t meet the needs of carriers, MGAs, and brands to launch modern insurance programs. For too long the legacy vendors have repackaged the same old products with new buzz words and pretended it was something revolutionary – when, in fact, they were not delivering solutions to solve the problems they’ve created. They’re too slow, inflexible, and require program adopters to do all the work with long build and launch times, constant maintenance, forced upsells, and costly integrations. Despite these challenges, the industry has accepted them as the cost of doing business because of unfettered control by legacy incumbents and no viable alternatives.

The future of insurance

Anywhere disrupts this head-on by eliminating all of the past friction of launching new insurance programs. With Anywhere, gone are the days of rating-as-a-service false promises, constant maintenance with difficult documentation, and expensive system integrators taking years to launch. With pre-configured products, forms and endorsements, rates and rules, actuarial services available for compliance and filings, and a globally scalable technology platform built on Sure, Anywhere makes the process of launching a new insurance program turnkey – just as it should be.

  • Modern capabilities – Anywhere is built for accelerating launch timelines by years through wrapping flexible, pre-integrated technology around modern insurance product filings, and industry leading insurance advisory services.
  • Modular choices – Anywhere is built for flexibility and choice, with a pre-configured foundation and options to tailor everything for the needs of adopters in their insurance program.

New and exclusive AI capabilities for insurance products

With the introduction of Anywhere, Sure is ushering in a new era for the insurance industry to capitalize on the benefits of generative AI in delivering better insurance experiences for consumers. Generative AI is revolutionary technology with immense potential for the insurance industry, but in order to unlock this potential, the insurance industry can’t continue to use decades old insurance products that were built in an era before the technology we use today was invented. By combining Anywhere’s insurance products with the leading digital insurance distribution technology, Sure is providing the insurance industry with a platform to enable better customer experiences through out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities and future proofs the industry for the evolving pace of emerging technology.

About Sure

Sure is the global insurance technology leader that unlocks the potential of digital insurance. Global brands and market-leading insurance carriers from the Fortune 500 build and launch sophisticated embedded insurance products on Sure’s SaaS infrastructure to distribute, service, and scale digital insurance. Sure’s insurance expertise combined with its technology increases revenue streams and accelerates market growth while revolutionizing the customer experience. For more information, visit

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