CHES Special Risk Launches Groundbreaking Infectious Disease Liability Insurance For Healthcare Sector

Toronto, ON (Dec. 12, 2023) – In response to the growing threats posed by infectious pathogens and the increasing risk of pandemic in the healthcare sector, CHES Special Risk is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary Infectious Disease Liability (IDL) insurance policy. This breakthrough product is meticulously designed to assist healthcare entities in navigating the uncertainties associated with infectious diseases, offering comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

The IDL policy addresses the rising concerns related to zoonotic diseases, capable of jumping from animals to humans, coupled with the surge in global travel, which has heightened the probability of pandemics. With the recent occurrences of COVID-19, Ebola virus, and SARS-CoV-1 in the last two decades, the need for proactive risk management in the healthcare sector has never been more critical.

Hoang Quan Nguyen, Senior Underwriter, Professional Lines at CHES Special Risk, emphasizes the significance of preparedness in the face of potential outbreaks, stating, “Fortune favors the well-prepared,” echoing the sentiments of renowned scientist Louis Pasteur.

Key Features of the Infectious Disease Liability Insurance Policy includes but not limited to:

  1. 3rd Party Bodily Injury Claim Coverage: Protection against claims arising from bodily injuries resulting from an infectious disease outbreak where negligence is alleged.
  2. Outbreak Definition: Two or more people infected at the same location with the same pathogen within a 14-day period constitute a single outbreak.
  3. Claim Threshold: Only one person needs to make a claim for coverage to be triggered.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: Coverage for COVID-19 and its variants, as well as protection against future unknown pandemic risks, subject to policy terms and conditions.
  5. Hospital-Acquired Infections: Coverage extends to infections acquired within the hospital premises or locally acquired infections that develop into outbreaks on the insured premises.

CHES Special Risks’ Infectious Disease Liability Insurance represents a significant advancement in risk management, offering healthcare entities affirmative coverage to mitigate the financial and operational impact of infectious disease outbreaks.

For more information on CHES Special Risks and the Infectious Disease Liability Insurance policy, please contact [email protected].

About CHES Special Risk

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Source: CHES Special Risks Inc.

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