Agi3 Risk Services Launches AI-Based Crop Insurance For Farmers In Collaboration With Definity

Winnipeg, MB (July 17, 2023) – Agi3 Risk Services Ltd. (ARS), a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for agriculture risk management, is proud to announce the launch of AgriEnhance™ – an exclusive AI-powered crop insurance solution built to improve the way farmers protect their crops. Capabilities of this product are possible through a collaboration with leading property and casualty insurer Definity Insurance Company, through its brand Economical Insurance.

AgriEnhance™ is the first crop insurance-based offering on the Agi3 platform. The Agi3 platform combines advanced machine learning algorithms with extensive data sources to deliver unparalleled precision in assessing field-level opportunity and risk, including yield potential and vulnerability to various environmental risks. By harnessing the power of AI, the Agi3 platform equips farmers with real-time insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and mitigate potential losses effectively.

For farmers, this means the ability to actively manage fields, generate advanced insights that enable the implementation of best practices and sustainable farm management, reduce greenhouse gases, and identify key risk exposures across the entire farm holding. For Definity, this means the ability to effect real-time pricing and coverage adjustments based on forward-looking changing risk profiles and a greater ability to leverage data insights to offer enhanced risk intelligence and prediction and prevention services.

“We are thrilled to introduce AgriEnhance™, our AI-powered crop insurance solution, built on the Agi3 platform, to revolutionize the way farmers protect their crops,” says Dr. Lysa Porth, CEO at ARS. “Through our partnership with Definity and by leveraging cutting-edge technology, we are empowering farmers with accurate risk assessment, personalized risk solutions, and streamlined claims processing, enhancing their ability to mitigate risks and secure their livelihoods.”

“One of our goals is to become a purpose-driven sustainability leader in the insurance industry. We are proud to partner with Agi3 to provide products and services that help farmers navigate their increasingly complex management needs and improve resilience to manage severe weather events resulting from climate change,” says Obaid Rahman, SVP & Chief Underwriting Officer, Commercial Insurance at Definity.

As the agriculture industry faces increasing climate threats and other challenges, data insights, and flexible risk management are necessary to navigate the growing season. This launch marks a significant milestone in the integration of AI and agriculture, positioning Agi3 as a frontrunner in the development of intelligent solutions for the farming industry.

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About ARS

Agi3 Risk Services Ltd. (ARS)[1] is Agi3’s exclusive provider of crop insurance solutions in Canada, and, powered by the Agi3 platform, is a leader in artificial intelligence solutions for agriculture risk management. Agi3 combines advanced machine learning algorithms with extensive data sources to deliver unparalleled precision in assessing field-level opportunity and risk, including yield potential and vulnerability to various environmental risks. Agi3’s mission is to empower farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices through innovative technology solutions.. For more information, visit

About Economical Insurance

Definity Insurance Company, known by its brand name Economical Insurance, is a leading property and casualty insurer offering insurance through licensed insurance brokers, with a long history of serving Canadians since its first policy was issued in 1871. Economical Insurance is a subsidiary of Definity Financial Corporation, which offers personal and commercial insurance through Economical Insurance, Sonnet Insurance Company, Petline Insurance Company, and Family Insurance Solutions Inc. For more information, visit

About Definity

Definity Financial Corporation (“Definity”, which includes its subsidiaries where the context so requires) (TSX: DFY) is one of the leading property and casualty insurers in Canada, with over $3.7 billion in gross written premiums for the 12 months ended March 31, 2023, and over $2.6 billion in equity attributable to common shareholders as at March 31, 2023.

Formed in 2021, Definity Financial Corporation is the parent company to some of Canada’s most long-standing and innovative property and casualty insurance brands and companies, including Economical Insurance, Sonnet Insurance, Family Insurance Solutions, and Petline Insurance. By investing in businesses and innovations, the companies in our group help our customers, broker partners, employees, and communities adapt and thrive in a world of constant change. For more information, visit


1. Agi3 is supported, in part, by Prairies Economic Development Canada’s Jobs & Growth Fund.

AgriEnhance™ Protection Highlights:

  • Customized Coverage – offers individualized coverage at the crop level, enabling more precise risk management relative to blanket coverage offerings
  • Concentrated Risk Protection – focuses on the revenue band – where losses most commonly occur – making it more efficient and tailored than competing government insurance which covers a broad spectrum of risk
  • Complementary Coverage – designed to complement government crop insurance, allowing farmers to combine coverage to build an optimal risk portfolio tailored to their unique needs
  • Consistent Cash Flow – ensures a steady cash flow in the event of reduced yields, providing farmers with financial stability
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting – farmers gain complimentary access to the Agi3 Enterprise Risk Management platform for farm management, advanced analytics, and reporting
  • Efficient Processes – the Agi3 platform offers a fast, automated application process and a transparent, streamlined claims payment process
  • Recognition from Lenders – ARS’s superior coverage can enhance farmers’ creditworthiness in the eyes of lenders
  • Risk Diversification – ARS’s insurance offerings enable farmers to diversify their risk across multiple insurance programs

SOURCE: Definity Financial Corporation

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