HomePorter Raises Capital to Transform the Homeownership Experience

Toronto, ON (May 9, 2023) – Toronto-based HomePorter Inc. is pleased to announce it has secured financing to transform the home maintenance experience in a successful seed round co-led by Co-operators Group and R-LABS.

HomePorter, co-founded by CEO Peter Primdahl and CTO Roberto Caniglia, has emerged from real estate venture builder R-LABS to launch an innovative platform designed to provide homeowners with a comprehensive and unbiased virtual home care advice service. The platform combines the convenience of a telemedicine-type experience for homeowners with personalized smart search capabilities and interactive maintenance plans. This provides homeowners with instant access to information about their homes, empowering them to take control and feel confident in managing them. With HomePorter, homeowners can enjoy a user experience that simplifies and streamlines the homeownership experience, making it easier and more efficient to maintain their homes.

“We are thrilled to introduce HomePorter’s innovative platform to Canadian homeowners,” said Peter Primdahl, CEO of HomePorter. “Our research shows that 77% of homeowners face unexpected home repairs within the first year alone, costing an average of $3,200. With HomePorter, homeowners can have peace of mind, knowing they have on-demand access to expert advice and tools to enhance their homeownership experience from a company whose interests align with their own. We take pride in offering a solution that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.”

The investment raised by HomePorter is allocated toward technology development and market adoption, with a focus on accelerating growth and exploring strategic partnerships with like-minded companies in the real estate, home inspection, insurance, and new home building industries. HomePorter is actively seeking talented individuals to join the team and help deliver exceptional service to its clients.

“Our goal with HomePorter is to provide homeowners with on-demand advice and make information about all aspects of their home easily accessible so they can make better decisions,” said Roberto Caniglia, CTO of HomePorter. “We believe that HomePorter can help homeowners save time, money, and energy by providing them with access to a network of trusted professionals and modern tools that put them in control of their homeownership journey. We are excited to see how HomePorter will change the way people think about home maintenance.”

About HomePorter

HomePorter is a modern-day co-pilot that helps you navigate the complex decisions and tasks that come with homeownership, allowing you to enjoy the journey. For more information, visit www.cooperators.ca.

SOURCE: HomePorter

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