Customers Are Ready For Telematics: Swiss Re & IoT Insurance Observatory

Armonk, NY (Feb. 1, 2023) – Made possible by GPS technology invented in 1973, the first usage-based insurance patents appeared in 1996. Since then, many other technological advancements (such as the Internet of Things) have contributed to the development and refinement of telematics motor insurance products, but these products are not mainstream yet. Even though some countries have seen higher telematics penetration rates (e.g., Italy), others are still in an incubation phase (e.g., France and Portugal).

Why has telematics not yet taken over the traditional motor insurance? What do policyholders think about this technology? Are we nearing a turning point thanks to younger generations?

To answer these questions and more, the IoT Insurance Observatory and the Automotive and Mobility Solutions team at Swiss Re conducted a customer survey in August 2022. The survey was carried out in nine countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, UK, US) with a total of 10 000 policyholders (2 000 in the US and 1 000 in each of the other countries). This article provides insights into the survey’s aggregated results and offers a pulse of the telematics motor insurance market at a global scale.

Read a short description of:

  • The telematics personas
  • The telematics sponsors
  • The telematics detractors
  • Price as a product design feature
  • Value-adding services
  • Addressing the telematics target market

→ “Customers are ready for telematics: Evidence from IoT Insurance Observatory & Swiss Re survey,” by Alexandra Stanova, Key Account Coordinator, Globals Division, Swiss Re & Silvia Marcacci, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Movingdots GmbH

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