MBC Group and First General Property Restoration Services partner to expand EcoClaim® Certification

Toronto, ON (Dec. 1, 2022) – MBC Group, a leading Canadian specialty engineering firm announced today their official partnership with First General Property Restoration Services, one of North America’s largest restoration networks to train & certify their entire organization on the EcoClaim® Program.

Interest in sustainability within the insurance, construction, and restoration industries is growing, and a first measure to increasing the impact and reach of this initiative is working with qualified and engaged partners whose values align with one another. Building on the success of a pilot launch earlier this year, MBC Group and First General continue to innovate with the EcoClaim® certification process that guides and informs a sustainability standard, providing clear protocols for insurers, adjusters, and restoration contractors. MBC Group and First General are pleased and proud to announce First General will now offer the MBC Group EcoClaim® Certification as part of their 5-year strategic sustainability plan to reduce impact, expand influence and support their communities. The EcoClaim® certification is designed to ensure sustainability measures are in place and proper protocols are taken to reduce landfill and non-recyclable materials, all while providing customers with live claim data on sustainable efforts & the resulting CO2 reduction.

First General is adding this certification to its suite of offerings as they work to incorporate green building and resiliency principles into infrastructure and property-level rebuilds. They are further committed to providing education and training to their Project Managers to provide them with the tools to properly communicate our sustainability program and provide insureds with education and information. Frank Mirabelli, President and CEO of First General says “The reality of climate change has hit home and impacts our daily lives. At First General, a major component of our long-term strategy is the adoption and support of sustainable business practices, not because it is the “in” thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.”

MBC Group CEO Ross Huartt echoes the sentiment of Mirabelli, “Our goal is to support clients in solving their most complex & unique challenges in a fair, sustainable & client-centric way. Partnering with restoration experts such as those at First General shows that collaboration is key to innovation.” The EcoClaim® certification process focuses on the recyclability and repair of existing materials and will provide the tools required to achieve measurable results, with scalability that will have long-lasting effects. The whole process is managed by a qualified trainer to ensure the integration of systems and consistent mitigation of risk.

Project lead and Director of EcoClaim® for MBC Group, Lance Pizzariello has completed extensive sustainability and environmental health and safety assessments and has developed and implemented a similar number of programs for industrial, commercial, and institutional sites at locations and sites throughout Canada. For First General, the delivery of the EcoClaim® program will require a fully integrated approach, involving all stakeholders in the property restoration process to increase sustainability and reduce the negative environmental affect. The execution of this program will allow First General to expand on its value-add philosophy, to offer solutions to its network and clients that positively direct our future.

“With the combined experience and vision of First General, MBC Group continues our commitment to sustainability and a focus on the EcoClaim® program,” says Vice President of Operations, Manuel Martineau. “It’s our way of helping insurance companies, independent adjusters, and restoration companies increase sustainability and decrease the environmental impact of their claims process.”

Strategic Partnerships such as this between MBC Group and First General Property Restoration Services are a strong first step in the desire to make disruptions in the insurance industry. EcoClaim® Certification exists to provide measurable sustainability standards and protocols and has so far resulted in more than 22 tonnes of waste diverted from landfills.

About First General

A coast to coast Canadian network of independently owned and operated insurance restoration professionals functioning under a common banner of key performance indicators. Each affiliate is fully trained and experienced in all aspects of property stabilization and reconstruction following an insurance claim. Each affiliate has appropriate insurance and WSIB coverage along with active Health & Safety protocols. All performance measures of the network are monitored by the Head Office in Toronto and all affiliates strive to improve on an ongoing basis. For more information, please visit www.fgsna.com.

Source: First General Property Restoration Specialists

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