Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions and Agilicus Partner to Help Organisations Qualify and Obtain Cyber Insurance

Toronto, ON (Nov. 17, 2022) – Agilicus, a cybersecurity company and Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions Inc. (RCCS), a leading managing general insurance agency, are partnering to assist Canadian small to midsize businesses (SMB) qualify for and obtain cybersecurity insurance. Mounting cyber risks and data breaches has organisations struggling to secure or maintain their cyber insurance policies due to new, more robust security requirements.

Accelerated adoption of remote work has caused an explosion of cyber attacks, primarily ransomware, through compromised emails or legacy remote access technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In response, insurance applications are mandating additional safeguards for all access points; multi-factor authentication, least privilege access, enhanced auditing. With this partnership, SMBs have a path to quickly enhance their cyber posture to meet insurance criteria. The Agilicus AnyX platform can easily apply these safeguards to employees, vendors, and supply chain partners who need access to company information technology or industrial control systems.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ridge Canada to help SMBs who are scrambling to implement security controls, including multi-factor authentication and privileged access management for their cyber insurance,” said Angelo Compagnoni, Chief Strategy Officer. “Canadian businesses can implement Agilicus within hours without making changes to their network environment and without needing any client software for their users. They not only meet insurance requirements, but they also have added protection against the financial and reputational loss associated with a cyber breach.”

“We are excited to be working with Agilicus, a Canadian solutions provider, to collectively focus on securing Canadian SMBs on their path to risk transfer. The insurance requirement for multi-factor authentication on remote access is table stakes, and in terms of underwriting, we are excited about the access this provides to our broker partners, and their clients,” said Greg Markell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ridge Canada. “Businesses can implement Agilicus with an RCCS preferred rate and become insurable within tight timelines to qualify or renew their policies.”

Agilicus AnyX has a foundation in zero trust, a “never trust, always verify” security framework. The platform is well-suited to SMBs, given its quick, incremental implementation of zero trust as needed, without requiring network changes. Any user, on any device can connect to any resource, and administrators can easily enforce security controls. Zero trust is at the forefront of US and Canada national cybersecurity priorities. Diverse workforces can be equipped with simple, secure remote access that was previously unattainable.

About Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions Inc.

Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions (RCCS) is a leading Canadian Managing General Insurance Agency incorporated to provide specialty insurance products to Canada’s insurance agents and brokers. RCCS was Co-Founded by the Honourable Tom Ridge, former US Secretary of Homeland Security. RCCS works through insurance brokers to help insurance buyers understand, evaluate, and secure specialty insurance coverage such as cyber insurance. Organizations of all types and sizes are forced to manage new risks that are constantly evolving and that are not going away anytime soon. We concentrate on specialty risk management so that our clients and broker partners do not have to face risks alone. We specialize in this niche insurance coverage to ensure you are protected in the unfortunate (but not uncommon) event of a claim or incident. For more information, visit www.ridgecanada.insure.

About Agilicus Incorporated

Agilicus is a Canadian cybersecurity company shaping the future of work by transforming the way modern workforces connect to corporate resources. With a foundation in zero trust, Agilicus is a more secure alternative to VPNs and perimeter-based network access. Agilicus’ cloud-native solution empowers organisations of all types and sizes, to expand the reach of company resources quickly and seamlessly without compromising security. Agilicus is focused on helping organisations improve their overall security while reducing complexity and operational overhead. For more information, visit www.agilicus.com.

SOURCE: Agilicus

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