Expert advice for safe Halloween: Don’t let these Halloween-themed incidents happen to you

Orangeville, ON (Oct. 21, 2022) – On Halloween, we get to dress up, act silly, laugh, eat a ton of candy, and spend time with family, neighbours, and the community. But beware! Although the night brings thrills and chills, it is often associated with a drastic spike in insurance claims. Hear it from Sylvester Slowakiewicz, Billyard Insurance Group’s Director of Personal Lines, as he explains his top tips to safely enjoy this spooktacular time of year.

“Ensure your home’s pathways are clear and well-lit for trick-or-treaters, so they don’t slip or fall when they come knocking on your door,” Sylvester explained. During a dark time of year, he recommends removing any obstacles such as leaves, branches, rickety railings, extension cords, and icy driveways to prevent injuries.

“Fire is another claim that frequently happens around Halloween,” Sylvester shared. “I recommend keeping any candles away from flammable materials or using battery-powered candles to light up your jack-o-lanterns. Also, be cautious of your electrical wiring while decorating.”

Sylvester also talked about theft and vandalism prevention. “It’s very common to see more mischief in our neighbourhoods this time of year,” he said. “If you won’t be home on Halloween night, lock and secure your doors, arm your home security system if you have one, and keep your home lit to deter a break-in or property damage,” he added.

Lastly, Sylvester commented on much-needed road safety, “Be extra cautious, especially on residential streets, to avoid any tragic accidents.” He also encourages anyone who plans to enjoy alcohol or other mind-altering substances during the holiday to arrange a ride home in advance to keep our community safe.

According to brokerage’s expert, many of these incidents may be covered through your car or property insurance. He suggests confirming with your insurance provider to be sure. Either way, these safety tips will help you avoid a claim and keep your premiums low, so you can enjoy this spooktastic season!

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