Zendrive expands its reach to over 50M users through partnerships with leading consumer apps

As part of its powerful Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform, Zendrive is expanding its Insurance Qualification Lens (IQL) solution by partnering with top US consumer apps

Boston, MA (July 26, 2022) – Zendrive, a mission-driven company making roads safer with data and analytics, has partnered with leading apps to expand its reach to over 50M users in the US through its Insurance Qualification Lens (IQL) program.

The IQL program helps insurers find preferred risk drivers by embedding test drive experiences into leading consumer apps in fintech, home security, rewards, and driver safety categories. These new partnerships help strengthen a win-win-win scenario for insurers, app publishers, and consumers: insurers acquire safer drivers every month, consumer apps unlock a steady stream of revenue by finding safer drivers for insurers, and consumers get personalized auto insurance savings based on their driving behavior.

The Zendrive-powered IQL test drive experiences offer consumers unique opportunities to get rewarded for safe driving behavior. Consumers opt into the program within seconds. Zendrive’s Software Development Kit (SDK)— embedded in leading consumer apps — collects driving data in the background without requiring user intervention for a test drive duration of about 14-30 days. During the test drive experience, consumers get access to insights on their driving behavior and their odds of getting a discount. Once drivers meet the minimum qualification criteria set by insurers, they get the opportunity to request an exclusive quote from Zendrive’s insurance partners.

Typical telematics offerings require consumers to switch carriers, register all their personal information, and then drive for 90 – 180 days to determine if they qualify for a discount. In contrast, the Zendrive IQL experience enables consumers to anonymously share driving data with insurers and see their savings before switching, helping safe drivers get fairer insurance pricing upfront. Insurers find a sustainable path to profitability by acquiring safer drivers while pricing them accurately to improve retention rates and customer lifetime value.

Zendrive’s Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform is on track to forge partnerships with dozens of app publishers and increase its reach to hundreds of millions of drivers by the end of 2022. Consumer apps interested in developing a healthy revenue stream and unlocking personalized savings for their users can participate in this program by reaching out to us at [email protected].

About Zendrive

Zendrive’s mission is to make roads safer through data and analytics. Its award-winning Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform — powered by 200 billion miles of data gathered from 100s of millions of drivers across the globe — helps insurers, automotive OEMs, consumer apps, fleets, and telcos understand and mitigate mobility risk in real-time, reducing the likelihood of collisions by 49%. The platform provides leading insurers like MiWay and AXA the ability to acquire preferred risk, provide UBI and BBI experiences, automate claims, and build advanced risk models with the help of its industry-leading score. The company has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and won the 2017 Best Startup in San Francisco award. The company recently brought in significant additional capital to fuel growth via a partnership with Trinity. For more information, visit www.zendrive.com.

Source: Zendrive

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