Équité Association Publishes Inaugural Annual Report

Toronto, ON (June 23, 2022) – Équité Association, Canada’s first independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to detecting and preventing insurance fraud, has hosted its inaugural annual general meeting (AGM) for members of the corporation and released its 2021 Annual Report.

In advance of its AGM, Équité published its inaugural annual report, featuring a letter from the Chair of the Board of Directors, and commentary from the President and CEO. As well, the annual report features Équité’s people and culture, foundational strategy, focus on technology and innovation, and unwavering commitment to social justice.

In its founding year, Équité Association instantiated a board of of accomplished industry CEOs and an advisory committee of senior executives while delivering member value of $89.7M across its main service areas.

“Insurance crime is complicated and growing in its complexity. It requires true partnership to make a meaningful difference. I am proud of where we are today and how far we have come in our first year,” said Terri O’Brien, President and CEO of Équité Association. “We are part of a larger ecosystem, united by the goal of reducing insurance fraud and protecting honest, hardworking Canadians.”

The annual report is available on Équité’s corporate website.

About Équité Association

As a not-for-profit, independent organization, Équité Association supports Canadian insurers to fight fraud by using advanced analytics, intelligence best practices, and coordinated investigations. Combining expert investigative services and advanced analytics, Équité serves as a unified organization, delivering improved service and fraud analytics for vehicle and cargo recovery. Leveraging relationships with law enforcement, partners and industry organizations, Équité serves as a centre point for insurance crime across all insurers, and is protecting Canadians by working to eradicate insurance fraud and crime. Équité, is invested in diminishing crime in Canada, and protecting all Canadians against exploitation. For more information, visit www.equiteassociation.com.

SOURCE: Équité Association

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