PolicyAdvisor places over $2.5 Billion in insurance coverage

PolicyAdvisor.com named one of Canada’s fastest-growing brokerages

Toronto, ON (May 25, 2022) – PolicyAdvisor.com, a leading digital insurance brokerage, is pleased to announce it is named one of Insurance Business Canada‘s Fast Brokerages, an award recognizing its significant growth in revenue despite its relatively short time in the marketplace.

The success comes in addition to PolicyAdvisor CEO, Jiten Puri, receiving the Insurance Business Canada Magazine’s 2021 award for Life and Health Insurance Advisor of the Year.

“Industry recognition is a testament to our growth and the work we do to transform the insurance industry in Canada. The key to this success is simple: Match Canadians to the coverage they need and demystify the insurance-buying process, through our honest and transparent online tools. PolicyAdvisor uses its high-tech advantage to stay customer-centric, the industry recognition is icing on the cake,” said Puri.

Today, PolicyAdvisor.com also announces they placed over $2.5 Billion in insurance coverage since their 2019 launch. The online brokerage has helped over 460,000 Canadian families with their insurance needs and continues its exponential growth—placing 2.5 times more coverage year over year, despite consumer cuts to spending.

PolicyAdvisor’s simple, accessible online platform makes this possible. Placing coverage with Canada’s biggest life insurance providers can be achieved in a few clicks with their easy-to-understand, digital application portal. Canadians just answer a few simple lifestyle and health questions and instantly receive coverage options that match their needs.

PolicyAdvisor.com has expanded into additional insurance verticals including whole life insurance, disability, and children’s insurance products. It now partners with over 25 of Canada’s best insurance companies, and will soon introduce exciting new products to its marketplace in partnership with the country’s leading providers. On average, PolicyAdvisor.com quotes over $2.5 Billion in coverage monthly.

As insurers continue to report increased payouts due to Covid-19 and rumours of premium rate changes swirl, PolicyAdvisor.com is committed to ensuring Canadians get the right amount of coverage to achieve their financial goals—for the right price.

About PolicyAdvisor

PolicyAdvisor.com is an innovative Canadian online insurance broker providing a digital solution to an archaic industry. Using its modern quoting technology, intuitive design, and real-world advisor expertise, PolicyAdvisor makes insurance buying simpler, straightforward and stress-free.

SOURCE: PolicyAdvisor

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