Improving Estimates for Property Claims Using Asservio with AI

A 2022 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (May 18, 2022) – Asservio is Crawford Platform Solution’s first-ever SaaS offering. Asservio is a leading-edge, digital platform that allows organizations to transform their property estimating quality assurance process. Using automation, an estimate review can be expedited in minutes instead of hours or days. In a matter of four seconds, Asservio scans property estimates and identifies $5,800 in average variances. If those numbers don’t stand out, perhaps its founding story will. Asservio is a product of modern computer science and deep estimate review expertise. The proprietary rules engine is architected by the industry-leading Contractor Connection team, setting it apart from anything else in the market. Asservio empowers anyone to become an experienced estimate reviewer.

The Asservio Journey

Evolution 1 – Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

Asservio was founded by Crawford’s Contractor Connection team in 2020 to speed up the current Estimate Review operation. The intention was to train artificial intelligence to look for the same information as a human estimate review expert, only faster. It does not replace the human reviewer, but it does bolster efficiencies into the process. After experiencing early success, we made the investment to further integrate Asservio with industry-leading estimating software (Xactware/CoreLogic) to improve user experience. In 2022, we realized that this tool would be an asset to our property loss adjusting operations. We identified an average of $5,800 in variance per estimate processed within loss adjusting. This is compared to the average variance identified per estimate of $1,550 within our Contractor Connection teams. The main difference between these sample groups is that contractors within our Contractor Connection network are required to follow client program instructions with clear estimating requirements and are accustomed to having 100% of files reviewed. On the other hand, adjusters often work with contractors that don’t have as structured guidelines and processes to follow, leading to larger variances identified by Asservio.

Evolution 2 – Insurance Carriers

After seeing the success Asservio had within Crawford loss adjusting, we canvased the industry. We quickly realized that there is a severe gap in estimate reviewing capabilities. Not only is the skill set scarce within Canada, but the time and skill it takes to review an estimate effectively is substantial. Asservio not only fills this gap like nothing else in the industry, but it does so with speed and consistency. Recently we have made the decision to license this ground-breaking technology to our clients and partners under a SaaS model.

Implementation and Deployment

From our experience, onboarding Asservio users takes just as long as it takes to process an estimate: seconds! We also believe in empowering our clients to control their userbase and data capabilities.

It’s simplistic design and seamless user experience allows users to review an estimate with limited to no training. Asservio’s feedback descriptions are intentionally worded with simplified language that allows all resources to speak intelligently with contractors.

The pre-scan feature allows the estimate writer to work directly from their estimating software and upload to Asservio with feedback returned instantly. They can make amendments prior to sending to the insurance company which reduces review cycle times by ensuring that the uploaded estimate is closer to being technically accurate. Empowering estimate writers to scan before they send to insurers builds a more educated and accurate estimate force in Canada.

Key Features

Our proprietary technology was built by the industry’s best, with efficiency, accuracy, and consistency at its core:

  • Integrated Experience – Robust integrations with industry leading estimate software
  • Omni-Channel – Interact with Asservio via the estimating software or Asservio web app
  • Drag-and-drop – Simply upload an estimate to be reviewed by dragging and dropping
  • Customizable Rules Engine – Train Asservio to follow specific rules, or simply use our rule set that has set the industry standard
  • Instant Feedback – Accuracy report is produced within seconds
  • Point-and-Click Decisions – Address concerns by “Agreeing” or “Disagreeing” with Asservio’s findings
  • Copy-and-Paste Feedback – At the click of a button, Asservio consolidates feedback into a tidy response. User can then send feedback to estimator within seconds, using professional language.
  • Data & Analytics – Robust data available for a variety of needs, specifically coaching opportunities. Asservio provides data on frequency & type of rule violations, consistently low performers etc.

How Asservio is used

Asservio is used by estimate review teams, contractors, and adjusters to consistently enhance speed, & accuracy of estimates through a virtual process.

Benefits of Asservio

Asservio differentiates itself in a number of key areas consisting of but not limited to:

  • Speed: Automate the Quality Assurance Process.

Instead of the traditional approach to quality assurance, taking hours or days, Asservio automation transforms the process into a faster, no-touch experience. Now, your estimation cycle time will be more efficient, while increasing visibility through a real-time dashboard that captures data throughout the workflow.

  • Accuracy: Drive Better Outcomes.

Asservio is leading the charge to enhance and optimize the estimate review process—helping companies of all sizes digitally transform their workflow to increase estimate accuracy and save on indemnity.

Asservio helps organizations validate scope and documentation of claims, ensure revision enforcement, and identify training opportunities based on an estimator’s accuracy score.

  • Consistency: An Industry-Leading Rules Engine.

Regardless the size of an organization or its needs, the Asservio platform comes pre-loaded with robust rules, which can be customized. This enables seamless implementation, providing the tools required to digitize estimating processes with consistency.

Business Impact

Asservio converts any person into an experienced estimate reviewer. When Asservio is used to review a property estimate, users can expect the following:

Per Estimate Data:

  • Speed – Reviews estimate and provides feedback within 4 seconds;
    • Previously, this process would take at least 30 minutes for an experienced reviewer.
  • Accuracy – Potential indemnity savings of $5,800 (per estimate) on average;
    • Previously, these concerning variances would go unnoticed and unacknowledged leading to over-spending.
  • Consistency – 1200+ rules are used to scan every property estimate, no matter the size of property damage;
    • Previously, every reviewer had their own methodology and did not have access to our industry leading rule-set. This led to inconsistent results.

2021 Year-End Data: $98Million in variances identified by using Asservio

Asservio is often referred to as one of the easiest Return-on-Investment decisions to make. The product allows staff, at all experience levels, to review 100% of property estimates. We know that in today’s volatile industry, that is not happening consistently. We also know that estimate review capabilities are a scarce resource. Asservio is the perfect intersection between scalability and enablement. For organizations looking to digitize estimate review operations, Asservio is the solution for you.

About Crawford®

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Crawford Platform Solutions is the newest division of Crawford. This team is dedicated to reimagining claims management by uniquely architecting standalone networks, technology and Insurtech innovations. Asservio is the first proprietary technology that this team has released to the market.

Source: Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

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