Improving The Employee Experience

A 2022 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (May 9, 2022) – The Simply Benefits digital benefits management platform was officially launched January 1, 2021 and is the first benefits provider to fully digitize the entire onboarding and enrollment process.

We offer tailored portals for three unique users:

  • Canadian Benefits Advisors access the Simply Benefits’ advisor portal to design benefits plans, digitally complete master applications and efficiently onboard employer benefits plans in days compared to months. Advisors use the portal for account management to view and manage active accounts, track plan revisions and experience, check on pending accounts, view lost accounts and track past and pending commissions.
  • Employers accesses the Simply Benefits’ admin portal to efficiently and digitally onboard employees, send mass email and push notifications to employees and manage employee information, add new hires, update employment changes, and terminate employees when they leave the company. Billing and reporting are available online and in real-time. Simply Benefits makes benefits administration easy.
  • Employees access the Simply Benefits’ member portal via desktop or mobile app 24/7 to digitally enroll onto their plan in 10-minutes (and be able to use their benefits immediately), view and download their digital drug card and track their plan usage. Employees can easily submit claims and track progress with reimbursement directly into their bank account typically within 48-hours. Employees can easily search coverage with a sophisticated AI-powered keyword.

The Simply Benefits platform also offer advisors and employers white label options so they can completely ‘own’ their digital benefits portal to provide a familiar branded experience.

Improving the Process for All

The 3 key stakeholders that use the Simply Benefits platform realize the following improvements:


  • Receive quotes within 4-5 business days compared to industry-average of 2-3 weeks.
  • Onboard new clients in about 72 hours compared to industry-average of 4-5 weeks.
  • View and manage client plans and see paid and pending commissions in one portal.

Employer Plan Administrators

  • Replace long, paper-based enrollment process (typically up to 8-weeks) with fast, digital, and easy onboarding experience (typically within days).
  • Reduce their administration time to view member coverage and enroll and/or terminate employees on/off their benefits plan.
  • Leverage online communication tools to help educate employees about their benefits and efficiently communicate plan changes.

Employees (aka Members)

  • Enroll onto their group benefits plan in 10-minutes and once complete, immediately start using their benefits (e.g. fill a prescription or visit their dentist) compared to industry-standard of up to 8-weeks.
  • Receive one-stop fast and personalized service for all benefits products (even when coverage is underwritten by different insurers).
  • Submit claims online and receive payment directly into their bank account typically within 48 hours.


About Simply Benefits

Simply Benefits is a Third Party Payor (TPP) that provides Employee Health Benefits 100% digitally through our Canadian Advisor partners. Our all-in-one digital solution provides three portals that enable Benefits Advisors to digitally manage all client plans online, Employers to efficiently administer employee coverage, and Employees to view, update and use their benefits 24/7 via desktop or smartphone app.

We help ENGAGE Employees Anytime, Anywhere, SIMPLIFY the Benefits Experience, and EVOLVE an Advisors’ Benefits Business.

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Employee Benefits Made Simple.

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