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A 2022 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (May 9, 2022) – Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) has established a Collision Reporting Program that meets the needs of many insurers for post auto-collision care. To support industry needs ASSI had originally developed a no cost mobile program to assist Police Services in capturing on-scene collision reports digitally opposed to paper. This application was initially created to be installed on computers both in police vehicles and at the station. While this option is a great tool for many Police Services, the need for a web-based version of the program became apparent. ASSI spent 18 months enhancing our Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System (CROMS) Mobile to be compatible in a web-based environment. This enhancement has given additional Police Services the opportunity to utilize a mobile program at no cost and move away from paper collision reporting, and becoming more environmentally friendly too.

The web-based CROMS Mobile enables police to complete reports digitally at the scene of the collision in real time, resulting in improved accuracy and turnaround time for release of reports to stakeholders, including insurers. In addition to in-vehicle completion, the application has the flexibility to pick up where one has left off and complete the report back at the station on any secure computer. Updated features like retrieval of driver, owner, vehicle information allows the officer to populate accurate driver information including suspended status. These enhancements along with a new embedded drawing application help increase accuracy and efficiency for officers. Insurers receive an accurate & legible typed report, with a computer-rendered diagram to make liability, policy and coverage decisions. The police service sees the status of each report. The supervisor approves and submits the report. The turnaround time for release of scene collision reports has decreased with ASSI’s CROMS Mobile application. ASSI staff quickly verify the captured information and grant stakeholders electronical access to the report through our secure CROMS Portal.

The CROMS Portal is accessible to partnering insurers. End users can search in one location for applicable collision reports. In addition, ASSI has developed a First Notice of Loss integration with some insurer partners, allowing the push of collision reports directly into their claims system; expediting the claims handling process even further.

CROMS Mobile plays an integral role in day-to-day claims handling. Generally an on scene investigated report has injuries or charges associated with the collision which can alter the way a claim is handled. It is crucial for insurers to have access to these reports as soon as they are available. Delivering police investigated collision reports in a timelier manner helps insurers handle claims faster and get insured’s lives back on track after a collision.

When police relied on pen and paper to complete a collision report, ASSI staff would manually enter in the collision details and then submit the report to insurers. In less than a year ASSI has increased from five services using the program to 15, including one of Canada’s largest police services. With more police services coming on board, the whole industry reaps the benefits of a digital streamlined solution. For ASSI, the data entry and processing time is reduced too.

ASSI has received positive feedback about the update and new features of CROMS Mobile. Officers are appreciating the program’s simplicity and ease of use to accurately capture information and create collision diagrams – especially the custom street templates that can be uploaded, as they don’t have to re-create for every intersection. With better tools at the hands of officers on the road, the whole industry benefits from an efficient process to collect and utilize on scene collision reports. This solution is provided to Police Services at no cost and our valued insurance partners with a more streamlined route of accessing on scene investigated police reports. The largest benefit is that insurers are provided with a more valuable report package faster allowing them to control costs.

Benefits Achieved

The implementation of ASSI’s updated CROMS Mobile significantly reduces the administrative burden to prepare and approve collision reports. Compared to manually prepared collision reports, the delivery time to insurers has decreased by approximately 40%. This value includes the efficiencies for the officers, approval process, and reduced data entry processing times. Additionally, when compared to previously handwritten reports, we have seen an increase in accuracy due to the use of CROMS Mobile’s Vehicle Identification Number and driver’s licence retrieval features.

About Accident Support Services International

ASSI is the facilitator of the Collision Reporting Centre Program (CRCP). The program meets the needs of many industries for post-collision care and is an extension of the claims process. The CRCP allows for an in-person review of collision details with the driver to complete the official provincial collision report, for vehicle damage documented and gives insurers the opportunity to provide direction for next steps in the customers claim. ASSI also provides police on scene investigated collision reports through our Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS), where insurers use one common portal to access available collision reports. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Accident Support Services International

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