Determining Where A Damaged Vehicle Should Be Repaired

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Toronto, ON (Apr. 25, 2022) – Aviva Canada has doubled down on the power of analytics in the development and rollout of a new Repair Shop Recommendation tool embedded directly into the Guidewire ClaimCenter workflow of its Auto Claim Adjusters. The new decision support tool went live in October 2021, and allows Adjusters working in Guidewire ClaimCenter to execute real-time searches to find the best possible repair shops for their customers’ damaged vehicles based on 38 proprietary predictive variables rather than solely based on geographic proximity.

Historically, the sub-optimal selection of a repair shop has carried massive detriment to the overall claims customer experience. Claim costs and customer NPS can be significantly and adversely affected by shop availability challenges and long repair wait times, as well as by quality issues that can sometimes arise when shops with limited experience work on specific makes and models of vehicles. Selecting the right repair shop has long been a challenge for Adjusters and customers alike, and the negative experiences associated with getting it wrong can impact customer trust and confidence in the preferred networks of their carriers. By applying data science and predictive analytics to solving the problem, Aviva has created an environment that will breed better and more consistent experiences for customers when engaged with Aviva’s preferred repairers.

The process begins with the setup of vehicle repair services on the Vehicle Incident screen in Guidewire ClaimCenter, when the Adjuster executes a repair shop search using their familiar Guidewire interface. Behind the scenes, ClaimCenter invokes a real-time Repair Shop Recommendation API (Application Programming Interface) that is exposed by Aviva’s Data Science Platform, which in turn leverages a combination of historical Aviva data and data from Aviva’s vast network of preferred repair shops across the country to predict the best repair outcomes and provide a ranked shop list back to ClaimCenter for display to the Adjuster. The Adjuster is then able to obtain direction from the customer and proceed straight to booking the repair appointment, confident in the knowledge that the customer’s repair will be completed at high quality and in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The launch of the Repair Shop Recommendation tool capitalizes on the success of prior data science investments in the Auto Claims process, and continues Aviva’s efforts to enable its customer-facing employees with decision support tools that allow them to focus more of their time and effort where it matters most – serving their customers. The response from the Adjuster community has been overwhelmingly positive, with qualitative feedback pointing to ease of use, simplicity, and enablement of better customer conversations around repair shop selection.


The Repair Shop Recommendation tool, even in its initial implementation for a pilot group of Adjusters in Ontario, has generated a 5% improvement in DRP penetration relative to non-pilot claims. We know from prior analysis and benchmarking that repairs completed within our preferred network of repairers generates shorter cycle times (and hence lower rental costs), lower indemnity repair costs, and improvement in NPS relative to repairs executed outside of our network.

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