ASSI Launches New Web-Based CROMS Mobile Program for Police Vehicles

Toronto, ON (Apr. 4, 2022) – Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) has established a Collision Reporting Program that meets the needs of many industries for post-collision care. To support those needs ASSI developed a no-cost mobile program to assist Police Services in capturing on-scene collision reports digitally.

This application was created to be installed on computers both in police vehicles and at the station, while this option is a great tool for many Police Services there was a need for a web-based version of the program. The last 18 months have been spent working diligently behind the scenes to update CROMS Mobile to be compatible in an online environment. This enhancement feature has allowed additional Police Services the opportunity to utilize a mobile program and move away from paper collision reporting all while becoming more environmentally friendly.

CROMS Mobile now being web-based enables police to complete reports digitally at the scene of the collision in real time. In addition to in vehicle completion, the application allows the flexibility to pick up where one has left off and complete the report back at the station on any secure computer. Once entered and finalized, ASSI staff can quickly verify the captured information with the Ministry of Transportation and submit the information electronically to applicable stakeholders.

With more Police Services coming on board and using ASSI’s mobile program and moving away from a traditionally paper-based process, the whole industry reaps the benefits of a digital solution. Kumar Siva Chief Operating Officer at ASSI commented: “Insurers will receive access to police investigated collision reports in a timelier manner, therefore allowing claims to be handled faster and getting peoples lives back on track after a collision.”

Currently, the new Mobile program is being used by fifteen of our partnering Police Services, with additional Services in the queue to go live in this year. ASSI has received positive feedback about the update and new features. Officers are appreciating the program’s simplicity and ease of use to accurately capture information and create collision diagrams – especially the custom street templates that can be uploaded, as they don’t have to re-create for every intersection.



  • No cost to Police Service
  • User friendly & follows the MVCR flow
  • Secure web-based & no installation
  • Speeds up the collection of data
  • Ensuring accuracy of information
  • Eliminate re-works / improve accuracy
  • Service can add, edit, delete new users
  • Electronic report approval / reassign


  • DL & plate retrieval which includes suspended status
  • Change driver order button
  • DL swipes for driver & involved persons
  • Common validation error notice
  • Esri mapping solution
  • Embedded drawing program with pre-draw templates


About Accident Support Services International

ASSI has been providing collision reporting to the police services and insurance industry since 1994. We are proud to have created the CRC program allowing police services to redeploy officers back into their communities and servicing the insurance industry by helping their customers through the collision reporting process. ASSI provides a complete collision reporting customer package that includes vehicle damage pictures, statements, passenger information, SIU alerts and third-party collision details. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Accident Support Services International

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