Ecclesiastical Insurance Shares Flood-Smart Tips For Spring

Toronto, ON (Mar. 31, 2022) – As much as we look forward to spring each year, we know that spring thaw can often create conditions that lead to property damage and, more importantly, bodily injury.  Flooding can occur in virtually any part of Canada, with the severity dependent on many variables, such as the amount of snow accumulation and frost on the ground, the rate at which temperatures rise, the possibility of extreme rain activity on top of snow and the capacities of our sewer and stormwater infrastructures.

Damage caused by floodwater can be both devastating and tragic. In fact, getting a property and community back to normal can take much longer and cost much more than people imagine. To manage the risks and minimize the losses, it is important for organizations to be “flood-smart.” That means developing comprehensive and clearly defined Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Crisis Communications Plans.

Ecclesiastical’s Risk Control Specialists have prepared several guides to assist:

“Flooding events rank among the most frequent and costliest natural disasters worldwide, and we need to be prepared for everything – from community-wide catastrophic floods to less widespread local events,” said Colin Robertson, Chief Underwriting Officer and Vice President, Risk Control. “It is our industry’s role to help prepare Canadians for these events and sharing our risk control expertise is one example of how we can help.”

These materials, and many more, are found in Ecclesiastical’s Resource Centre at

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