APOLLO and Livelii Collaborating to Cover Canada’s Independent Workforce

Apollo Insurance partners with Livelii to offer self-employed Canadians access to digital business insurance

Vancouver, BC (Mar. 16, 2022) – Apollo Insurance Solutions, Canada’s leading online policy provider, has partnered with Livelii to offer immediate digital products specifically tailored to the independent workforce of Canada.

Launched in 2019, Apollo Insurance now provides the largest selection of online policies in Canada through brokers and embedded partnerships like this one with Livelii. Through Apollo, consumers can get a quote and purchase insurance in five minutes, from any device, anywhere, 24/7.

“Offering custom, accessible insurance coverage to Canadians is extremely important to us at Apollo,” said Apollo, Glen Bowie, Director of Business Development. “By partnering with a company like Livelii, our team is able to support entrepreneurs who may not have otherwise found comprehensive policies to support the needs of their small businesses.”

In August 2020, Livelii established an inclusionary policy with Manulife, making them the first Canadian company to offer group health, dental, and life insurance coverage to self-employed individuals. Livelii’s partnership with Apollo has enabled the company to expand their product offerings to include policies for freelancers, business owners, and much more. Since launching their online platform in July 2021, Livelii has gone from earning their first paying customer to partnering with multiple companies, such as Women Who Freelance and Virtual Gurus. The company now serves over 800 platform members and more than 130 individual business owners benefiting from Livelii’s health and dental insurance.

“We asked the Livelii community what they wanted to see on our Member Perks Platform, and business insurance came up as one of the top requested products,” said Tobi Babalola, Product Manager Partnering at Livelii. “Apollo not only helps us meet the needs of our community members, but also complements our Health, Dental, and Life Insurance products, enabling us to continue to build a sustainable, inclusive platform for the independent workforce of Canada.”

Apollo’s proprietary technology platform, the Apollo Exchange, provides insurance transactions in real-time. It leverages extensive data and sophisticated algorithms to quote, create, deliver, and collect payment for each and every policy. Thousands of brokerages, small businesses, and individuals are able to buy online coverage without human intervention.

About Apollo Insurance

Apollo Insurance Solutions (TSXV: APLO Reserved) is Canada’s leading online insurance provider. Our proprietary platform, the Apollo Exchange, allows insurance agents and their customers to purchase their policy immediately, from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Unlike traditional paper-based processes, Apollo leverages extensive data and sophisticated algorithms to quote, collect payment, and issue policies for thousands of types of small business and individuals without human intervention.

Through traditional agents and embedded finance partnerships Apollo is redefining the distribution of insurance.

For more information, visit apollocover.com.

About Livelii

Livelii is the first-ever rewards-based platform that delivers the right products and services to independent workers throughout Canada. We remove the barriers of accessibility by aggregating, negotiating, and finding providers across health, wealth, and business services to help the self-employed workforce thrive.

Today, our members access innovative products like a first-of-its-kind group benefits plan designed for the self-employed, and reap the rewards of shared commissions through a curated marketplace for essential financial, insurance, and business services in a fully digital experience. For more information, visit www.livelii.io.

Source: Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd.

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