Canadian Broker Network Announces Chairman’s Circle Recipients

Toronto, ON (Mar. 18, 2022) – Canadian Broker Network (CBN), Canada’s leading network of independent insurance brokers, is pleased to announce its 2021 Chairman’s Circle award recipients.

The Chairman’s Circle annual recognition program acknowledges Top Sales Performance in Commercial, Life and Benefits.

The recipients are:

  • Cal LeGrow Insurance:  Jeff Davis, Curtis Pike
  • CapriCMW Insurance:  Andrew Kemp, Richard Folkins, David Green, Sean Graham, Gordin Li, Harj Parmar, Buffy Mills, Zach Schwing, Kyla Troll, Doug Clark, Grant Pritchard, Clint MacDonald, Morly Bishop, Amar Munjal, Daniel Tassoni, Chantell Arsenault, Will downing, Dave Ledinski
  • FCA Insurance Brokers: Andrew Cartwright, Jamie Collum, Andrew Mangialardi
  • Guthrie Insurance Brokers: Jeff Clarkson
  • Lawrie Insurance Group: Blair Patton, Kelli Bugden, Chad Brownlee, Debbie Gowsell, Paul Christie
  • Megson Fitzpatrick: Luke Mills, James McCracken
  • Rogers Insurance: David Chiu, Nicole Truong, Greg Grebinski, Josh Friesen, Connor Afcouliotis, Ghalib Dattadeen, Terry Riley, Ebony Rogers, Marv Martin, Aliya Daya, Ryan Lyster, Cory Simic, Rob Cyr
  • Synex Assurance: Mathieu Garneau, Raymonde Lafrenière, Vyanka Couture
  • Vienneau Insurance: Nicole Gallant
  • WCL Bauld: Jennifer Keddy


About the Canadian Broker Network

The Canadian Broker Network is an alliance of leading independent insurance brokerages representing more than $2 billion in property casualty premiums as well as employee benefits and life and financial services, with over 50 offices across Canada and more than 1,500 employees. We give independent, employee-owned brokerages a unique way to grow and innovate their businesses by leveraging the collective wisdom, experience, and connections of our members.

Maturing out of a forum dating back to 2002, originally designed to exchange best practices, CBN’s guiding principles of innovation, collaboration, commitment to growth, and independence ensures that members can deliver the best possible value proposition to their clients, employees, and insurer partners.

Fiercely independent & proudly Canadian. For more information on CBN, including a list of our members, please visit

SOURCE: Canadian Broker Network

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