Curv Health Raises $5.1M to Build Full-stack Digital Clinic, led by iGan Partners and Build Ventures

Curv Health partners with employers and insurance carriers to directly connect their members with healthcare provider

Toronto, ON (Mar. 1, 2022) – Curv Health, a Toronto and Halifax-based digital health company, announced today it closed a CAD$5.1M seed financing round led by iGan Partners and Build Ventures to build a full-stack digital clinic that empowers employers and insurance carriers to directly connect their members with independent healthcare providers. By replacing traditional gatekeepers with an enablement layer of digital tools, Curv radically reduces costs and improves long-term health outcomes for a variety of conditions across physical, nutritional, and mental health. This funding will support continued product development as well as recruitment for key roles, part of Curv Health’s aggressive growth strategy.

“At the core of the Curv platform are a suite of digital tools that act as the “connective tissue” between service providers and clients. These tools enable new care pathways that use automation to reduce the resources needed to help produce optimal outcomes,” said Shea Balish, CEO of Curv Health. “In parallel, these efficient care pathways help independent health providers rapidly grow their practice and revenue.”

With Curv, each member chooses a dedicated health concierge who helps them navigate their personalized healthcare program, including proactively managing their care plan and coordinating with their care team. Curv Health partners with employers and insurance carriers to directly connect members with healthcare providers, including physiotherapists, psychotherapists, counselors, dietitians, and certified diabetes educators.

Curv Health has emerged as a leader in computer vision solutions for the delivery of physical rehabilitation and wellness programs. Its suite of remote monitoring tools, including computer vision, surveys, photo submissions, integrations with Apple Health kit’s sleep and heart rate data, allows patients to more easily complete their at-home treatments while enjoying considerable cost savings.

Curv’s remote monitoring tools are demonstrated to lead to over 50 percent patient compliance to at-home treatments (about 2x higher than the industry norm), key to improving patient outcomes. Curv Health also enables healthcare providers to grow their practice. The Curv platform can be used as a comprehensive practice management solution to help providers operate their own Digital Clinic. Curv Health pays healthcare providers nearly 2x higher percentage rate per session than traditional clinics.

This financing round was co-led by Toronto-based iGan Partners and Halifax-based Build Ventures, with participation from Kale Investment Fund and previous investors including Globalive Capital and NewFund Capital.

“iGan is Canada’s largest and most active healthcare venture fund and, for us, Curv Health represents a tremendous opportunity to help build the frontier of digitally-delivered therapies across Canada and the US. By enabling clinicians to build their own digital private practice and then growing their client-base via partnerships with carriers and employers, Curv could dramatically change the cost and quality of the healthcare landscape” said Joel Finlayson, Partner at iGAN.

“Curv Health’s execution has been incredible. The team has made massive inroads partnering with large insurance carriers, signing some of Canada’s biggest group benefits brokers as channel partners, and contracting a few of the country’s largest employers to give their employees dedicated access to their platform. We’re excited to support Curv Health’s continued growth across Canada and launch into key US markets in 2022,” said Patrick Keefe, General Partner at Build Ventures.

About Curv Health

Curv Health’s mission is to provide a more accessible, effective, and cost-savings option for individuals seeking virtual healthcare. Our digital platform allows health providers to earn more revenue, employer groups to offer high-quality health plans to its members with high visibility, and members to access cost-efficient, accessible care from the comfort of their homes. For more information, please visit

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