Optimity Launches Digital Wellness Platform for Underinsured Canadians

Partnership with Walnut gives Optimity Premium users affordable access to premium fitness and wellness platforms

Toronto, ON (Feb. 9, 2022) – Optimity Inc. a mission-driven technology company that improves the health, wealth, and longevity of its users today launched its Optimity Premium online wellness tool in partnership with online insurance innovator Walnut. The product is designed to help people without insurance – more than 30% of Canadians – achieve their health goals through discounted insurance coverage and access to top wellness platforms Headspace Plus, ClassPass Digital, and Dashlane Premium.

Optimity Premium is available in Canada through the Optimity app which can be found on both Google Play and App Store. People can sign up in the app for $9.99 per month.

“Nearly 40 percent of Canadians do not have life insurance and 30 percent lack health insurance, which perpetuates the cycle of economic inequality leading to health inequality,” says Jane J. Wang, CEO of Optimity. “This new product is a direct response to this critical problem and gives anyone access to a family of proven wellness programs and insurance options so they can take control of their health and their future.”

The Optimity app encourages users to focus on the five pillars of holistic health: physical activity, nutrition, mental health, social connectedness, and financial wellness. The app nudges users to engage in micro-activities such as quick exercises, stretches, meditation or nutrition quizzes. Users who complete these receive “gems,” which can be collected and redeemed for discounts and gift cards to major retailers.

Optimity Premium offers financial protection through a $5,000 no-exam life insurance policy from Walnut Insurance and access to Dashlane Premium to simplify the online experience with protected password storage and a suite of online security tools. Optimity Premium gives subscribers the wellness tools to empower them to manage their health, including ClassPass to provide easy access to exercise and Headspace to improve mental health, better sleep, and promote meditation.

“Life insurance is something many Canadians don’t think about until a major life event occurs,” says Derek Szeto, co-founder and CEO of Walnut. “Our goal is to make the process transparent, accessible, and affordable, so anyone can get the protection they need. We are thrilled to be working with Optimity to give more Canadians coverage.”

To find out more information on all the benefits of Optimity Premium, visit www.myoptimity.com/premium.

About Optimity

Optimity is a mission-driven technology company that improves the health, wealth and longevity of its users with evidence-based behavioral science, gamification and rewards. The company’s wellness app and related B2B solutions are developed by leading technologists, health and medical researchers, wealth experts and advisory firms, and backed by more than 30 years of behavioral science research. Optimity Enterprise B2B technologies provide a suite of solutions White-labeled apps, APIs and segmentation/data & AI-powered tools to engage large populations and is used by customers in the U.S., Canada, and Japan to drive better health outcomes and longevity for policyholders. With a reach of over 2.6 million North Americans, Optimity is one of the most popular and trusted health rewards programs in the world. For more information, visit www.myoptimity.com.

Source: Optimity

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