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Does your CCM solution have enough horsepower?

by Andrea Haughton, Content Marketing Manager – CXM, Quadient

Not all CCM projects are simple.

In fact, most aren’t. Fragmented content platforms, legacy systems, departmental silos, and increasingly distributed workforces are all working against late stage or piecemeal adopters of modern CCM technologies. Businesses need to create and distribute compliant, personalized digital communications in real-time across more channels than ever.

Per Forrester, “businesses will need collaborative editing and document sharing to generate signable agreements, contracts, and proposals. Document generation will be packaged with contract and proposal support and linked to e-signature platforms.”

Does this sound simple to you? It isn’t.

To meet these communication needs, today’s enterprises need powerful, connected, end-to-end solutions intelligently built with enough horsepower to get the job done–without wasting time refueling.

Nothing beats intelligent CCM solutions

Most organizations believe that smart CCM solutions offer predictive modeling, document automation or digital experiences that render data and make faster decisions. Great capabilities, yes. Any one of them will certainly make you look like a CCM pro. When they work.

Unfortunately, many CCM solutions outsource technology. Often these disparate tech stacks create a solution that itself is too slow, too cumbersome, too disconnected, to handle the complexity of enterprise projects (never mind scale.) This means that when it matters most, you may well find that you’re struggling to leverage contextual end-to-end data and orchestrate the overall customer experience. Heck, you might not even be able to get the project across the finish line.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise means building a network of connected technologies that integrate seamlessly between engine, channels, departments, existing systems, and data to empower your organization to function holistically. These are the CCM solutions that drive digital transformation and the customer experience required in today’s market.

So, if you are an enterprise showing up to the races, there’s a critical question you need to ask of your current or potential CCM vendor: ‘Baby, have you got enough gas?’

Are you positioned to win?

CCM solutions are a lot like race cars. The best performers have been developed and iterated by passionate R&D teams for decades. Yes, decades. They engineer a solution that combines all the winning elements that you need, not just speed. Powerful engines are the ones efficient enough to start fast and sustain your speed around tight turns, keeping you from losing precious time refueling every other lap or succumbing to one of a million complications along the road.

It’s hard to know what exactly is under the hood of solution providers. In all honesty, most vendors don’t really want you to know. Because often you will find that patchwork of outsourced technologies. You know, the one that can’t handle your CCM needs. In the age of CX, you always must go the distance for your customers.

Quadient earned a score of 99–the highest ever recorded–for our rendering engine efficiency in Aspire’s 2021 CCM Leaderboard.

Thousands of top-tier organizations worldwide trust Quadient Inspire to handle their most complex customer communication challenges. With seamless, personalized, and consistent communications across all channels, there’s no project too complex–no turn too tight–for the Quadient Inspire suite. It’s intelligently engineered for optimum efficiency.

Here are three real-life examples of complex CCM projects:

So, before you buy, make sure your customer communications provider has the horsepower for the big races, not just the practice laps.

Check out our buyer’s guide for the questions you need to ask to get to the bottom of a CCM vendor’s engine and see just how much gas you’ll really need.

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