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Video Marketing Best Practices & Trends in 2021

By Robyn Croll, VP – Customer Insights, Goose Digital

One of the most exciting and effective trends in digital marketing is the use of video. Regardless of if your end customer is a broker, a business leader or a homeowner, video has the power to engage and deliver content. And customers want more – 86% of consumers would like to see more video from brands.

According to recent reports, 83% of professional marketers consider video marketing one of the most important tools to promote and advertise products and services. For videos to be truly effective, though, companies must always stay on top of the latest video marketing trends and best practices.

Below are some of the best and most successful video marketing trends this year – be sure to follow them, and you will be well on your way to taking your video marketing to the next level.

Driving Marketing Performance With Video

The conversation around video marketing has completely shifted. It’s not just enough to have a video on your website. Marketers need to engage audiences on various digital platforms to capture their attention and market share. It all starts with serving the right customer at the right place at the right time. But what are the different types of video marketing, and how are they used? This article will teach you how to engage your audience through various types of videos.

Awareness: The Power of Brand Video

Brand Video is a powerful way to build relationships with your audience through emotional connectors. Emotion converts, which is why videos are so effective. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A Brand Video could be worth a thousand new loyal customers.

So, what are Brand Videos? Brand Videos are long-format ads (typically 1-3 minutes) that live on a company’s website. They can also be cut down (shortened) for pre-scroll YouTube or LinkedIn ad campaigns. Brand Videos are used to establish brand awareness,authority and trust. They are top-funnel marketing assets used to engage audiences and showcase what makes your company unique. Once customers are aware of your brand it’s time to retarget them with shorter videos designed to drive conversion, whether that means signing up for a newsletter, new product announcements or requesting a quote.

Retargeting: The Promise of Batch (Short-Form) Video Production

Batch video – short-form video production at scale – is a powerful tool to meet your audience where they live, work and play. Put simply, Batch is an arsenal of short-form content that is deployed across various platforms to drive conversions. It’s results-based, consistent, versatile and data-driven.

With short-form content, videos are directly integrated into your digital marketing campaigns. These short-form clips can be deployed on a monthly or quarterly basis and data-checked to determine what’s working and why. Once you gather the data, you can iterate on the winning formula!

In a world where face-to-face interactions are still limited due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, short-form content can help you to maintain consumer interest and showcase how great your products and services are on a consistent basis.

A whopping 94% of marketers, in fact, found videos to be the best way to enhance the user’s understanding and appreciation of a product or service. This is particularly of value in industries like insurance or finance where products are often seen as complex and difficult to understand.

Build Consumer Trust With User-Generated Content

Up until recently, homemade videos were mostly associated with YouTube and social media. However, today even a large corporation can (and should) add this effective video tool to their marketing strategy.

User-Generated Content (UGC) can level up consumer trust by presenting consumers with a more accessible, authentic, and relatable view of a product or service.

Some examples of UGC include testimonials, product review videos, unboxing videos, or product comparison videos. These videos are filmed to appear as though they were created by the end-user, typically at home. By using UGC your company can create meaningful connections with customers in a more fun, relaxed way, thus boosting loyalty and engagement.

Optimize Your Video Content Marketing by Embracing These Latest Trends

Crafting original, professional, and persuasive video content is one of the most effective marketing strategies that your business can pursue.

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