Relay continues to put brokers first with the launch of I5 Affinity

If you have not offered an insurance Affinity Program before, the time is now

New York, NY (Sept. 8, 2021) – Brokers: your small business clients are struggling with a variety of new problems; navigating and implementing virtual workforces, events, covering payroll while trying not to cut costs, etc. The pandemic shone a spotlight on the value and importance of insurance and in tandem it has created a unique opportunity for professional associations to offer relevant insurance coverage for their members through Affinity Programs.

Why should you care? The insurance industry is facing a problem of supply and demand and Affinity Program partners help insurance companies grow the demand by leveraging associations. Affinity Programs allow brokerages to offer tailored offerings to associations’ members and provide additional value and strengthen their organizations. Additionally, Affinity Programs are a great way for brokers to attract and sell more insurance so they can save time and make more money. It’s a win-win-win situation for brokers, associations and their members.

This month Relay launched Affinity Program Integration. The latest feature in our ever-evolving platform allows brokers to work within our platform and find expedited success in using Affinity Program capabilities to offer exclusive discounts and benefits to associations while also leveraging Relay’s cutting-edge technology to integrate submission intake directly into the associations’ websites and portals.

Relay is the only solution that can capture all your quotes in one place across all P&C lines, whether they come from emails, portals, or instantly through APIs. We can then instantly generate tailored, co-branded Smart Client Proposal™ for your clients, along with unique analytics on conversion rates. These state of the art features saves brokers and agents hours a day and boosts success rates in any Commercial Line.

While they have extensive benefits, Affinity Programs can be labor intensive for brokers and administrators. Affinity programs are client-facing by nature and most times focus on small businesses. Relay’s solution provides a better experience for both the broker and the insured which in turn makes a broker a more appealing partner when prospecting Affinity Programs. These factors combined with the increased need for modern technology has positioned Relay as a key for great customer experience and demonstrating innovation to your Affinity Partners.

Brokers, are you tired of all the leg work involved in attracting and selling insurance? Ready to learn more about Affinity Programs?

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About Relay

With Relay, brokers drastically increase their close rates by securing and comparing quotes and creating winning proposals faster, for both renewal and new business. Relay is the single-entry multi-carrier comparative-rating solution that can handle all P&C lines, across all mediums including both instant (“API”) and email quoting, at any level of complexity. Relay facilitated billions in bound coverage across insurance and reinsurance since launching in April 2020. With an exponentially growing client base in North America, Relay also counts among the few Lloyd’s accredited London market e-platforms, and recently launched its I5 Automated Proposal portal for Cyber and other P&C lines. For more information, please visit

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