When you drive through a school zone, don’t fail to #SlowDown

Let’s keep kids safe as they head back to school

Regina, SK (Sept. 1, 2021) – Kids across Saskatchewan will be heading back to school this week. While students adjust to new classrooms and teachers, drivers will have to adjust their driving habits to account for the busier school zones.

When you pass through school zones, don’t fail to slow down.

Fortunately, recent history tells us that vehicle-pedestrian collisions in school zones are rare. One of the reasons for that is the reduced speed limits that drivers are required to follow when they approach schools.

“It’s not like a pop quiz you didn’t have time to study for; it just requires a bit of reading comprehension,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “The speed limit and times of enforcement are found on bright, reflective signs as you enter the school zone. Please pay attention to those reduced speed limits or otherwise you’ll have to learn an expensive lesson in the form of a costly school zone speeding ticket.”

Getting caught driving 20 km/h over the posted limit adds up to a ticket of $310: school zone speeding tickets start with a base fine of $170, plus $4 for every km/h over the limit and a minimum $60 Victims of Crime surcharge. (The km/h charge and the VOC surcharge both increase at 31 km/h over the limit).

“Safety is always a priority for Regina Catholic Schools,” said Stacey Gherasim, Regina Catholic School Division Superintendent of Education Services. “We’re very excited for the first day of school every year, and it’s really important for all drivers to be aware of the little ones who might be more excited about seeing their friends than about remembering to watch for traffic. We’re grateful to everyone who remembers to follow all traffic laws, especially in our school zones. But don’t forget, students could be just as excited outside of school zones.”

As any teacher can tell you, kids don’t always do what they’re supposed to. That’s why motorists need to be extra-aware and watch out for any kids (who are typically smaller than adults) popping out from between parked vehicles or jaywalking.

Other ways we can #KeepKidsSafe:


  • Pay attention to pedestrian crossing lights and crossing guards.
  • Exercise caution around school buses as they are loading and unloading.
  • Avoid U-turns in school zones (some municipalities have by-laws that prohibit them).
  • Don’t add to school zone congestion; obey the signs declaring “no stopping” zones.
  • If you’re dropping kids off, do it on the same side of the street as the school.


  • Teach your kids to cross at crosswalks, and not jaywalk.
  • When they do cross, they should look both ways, make eye contact with the driver and wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop.


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Source: Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

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