IBC issues statement following Liberal Party of Canada’s announcement on climate resilience

Ottawa, ON (Aug. 18, 2021) – Today, in British Columbia, Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau announced that, if re-elected, his government will build on the success of the EnerGuide home rating system for energy efficiency by developing a companion approach for scoring the climate resilience of our homes. Additionally, Trudeau introduced other new programs to encourage homeowners to take climate adaptation measures to better protect their homes from the effects of climate change.

Specifically, he announced an expanded home retrofit program that will help subsidize homeowners for everything from fire-resistant shingles to better waterproofing for basements. The new climate adaptation home rating program will provide access to experts to help homeowners navigate the retrofits process.

As with EnerGuide, this new system can be used by governments, insurers and banks to support and reward Canadians who take positive actions to protect their homes from the growing impacts of climate change.

Following the announcement, Robin Edger, National Director, Climate Change, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), issued the following statement:

“IBC has been advocating for these measures with all parties and we welcome today’s announcement by Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau.

For many Canadians, their home is their greatest investment, and this is an important step toward helping homeowners bolster their financial security against the impacts of climate change.

This year’s wildfire season in Canada has had a devastating impact on many homeowners and communities. These are the most recent events that must catalyze action to keep Canadians safe from the increasing impacts of climate change. Wildfires are currently tearing across British Columbia’s Okanagan region, moving so quickly that people are now evacuating the places they previously fled to. And as bad as it has been this summer, climate change is expected to bring longer and larger wildfire seasons in the future.

This is a climate change election. IBC welcomes this focus on protecting homes and communities from the increasing impacts of wildfires and severe weather. All political parties and the media must join voters in focusing on the most important, urgent and challenging issue of our time during this election.”

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Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)

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